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The Canons Big Book of Course Reviews: 2022-23 Edition

For all your course planning needs, Canons has you covered. With all the wisdom of years of past students, the Book Book of Course Reviews tells you the good, the bad, and the ugly of as many upper-year courses as we could get our hands on reviews for. Flip through it, use it as your Bible, and all the best on course selection day, especially for you current-1Ls-who-are-soon-to-be-2Ls. You’re gonna need it! (Hot tip: don’t sleep in on course selection day.)

The Canons Big Book of Course Reviews 2022-23 Edition

Canons 2021-2022 Issue #3: March/April

And that’s another year of publishing! See below for our March/April issue, and our (Victoria, Cailey, and Monica’s) last contributor-based issue as Canons’ Editors-in-Chief. 

Throughout the last three years we’ve seen the highs and lows of a pandemic, huge world-changing and history-making events, and a crazy US election cycle. Quite a lot for one degree program, huh?

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more from Canons next year!

Canons Mar_Apr 22

Canons 2021-2022 Issue #2: January/February

Hello! We hope you’re feeling refreshed from the holiday break. Canons, on the other hand, never stops grinding. Over the break we created our January/February issue and we’re just thrilled to get it into your hands. Here’s to a new semester! 

Canons Jan_Feb 22

Canons 2021-2022 Issue #1: November/December

Hello again! Can’t believe it’s already November, but luckily in this gloomy month we have the first-ever edition of Canons for the 2021-22 year hot off the virtual presses. Read all about the controversy around leadership courses, our rundown of the recent elections and the first few Faculty of Law events of the year, and check out what the stars have in store for you in our horoscopes section…and more! 

Thanks for reading, for being here, and for being awesome. Read our gorgeous November/December issue below.

Canons Nov_Dec Issue FINAL

The Canons Big Book of Course Reviews: 2021-22 Edition

You thought that the Canons team was just sleeping after finals? You think Monica, one of our Editors-in-Chief who’s living in Korea and on a completely different time zone and taking exams at 3:00 AM and also heads up our beautiful layout, was resting after a slew of exams that ended scant days ago? You think Cailey and Victoria, our other EICs, were recuperating from the hamster wheel of the semester?

WRONG! We’re back AGAIN with our last offering of the 2020-21 academic year: our big book of course reviews. Flip through it below to see what U of A law students past and present thought candidly of the courses on offer next year. We’ve done our best to cover every course we could get our hands on a review for, and although there are a few missing either because nobody in the entire school has taken it in the last two years (because it wasn’t offered) or because nobody wanted to give their thoughts on it, we’ve done a solid job of covering over 90% of the courses on offer for 2021-22. Sick, right? We think so too. 

So check it out below if you’re curious what courses you should take, which profs teach in which styles, and tips and tricks for different classes. And may the odds be ever in your favour on course registration day…especially to you soon-to-be 2Ls. 

And have a great summer!!!!!!!!!


Canons 2020-2021 Issue #3: March/April

Greetings! We’re back with our third lörge issue of the year for March/April 2020-2021. This is our final large issue of the year, and boy do we have some goodies hot from the oven and ready for you. In this issue, you’ll find:

  • Our incomplete Online Hall of Fame, full of accolades from contributors about the profs they personally think really hit it out of the park this year in terms of online teaching 
  • A bunch of awesome music recommendations for getting through the tail end of this (deep sigh) uNpReCeDeNtEd year (yes, we’re tired of hearing that phrase too)
  • A bunch of awesome Korean movies (that aren’t Parasite) to distract yourself when you need a break and/or are feeling the tedium of this unpr*cedented year
  • Reality TV and the law collide again in our longform feature on the family problems of the über-rich 
  • Updates on this year’s Prizes & Awards program
  • Cute lil animals in our perennial Rule of Paw column
  • And much, much more! 

We hope this brings some momentary joy and/or entertainment. Check back next month for our most anticipated issue of the year: the Canons Big Book of Course Reviews, which contains reviews for every! course! the law school has to offer! and that you can use to definitively plan your 2L and 3L schedules. 

Until then, check out our March/April issue below.

Canons - Mar_Apr 2021

The Canons Ultimate Guide to 1L Recruit

IT’S HERE! By which we mean both the actual recruit itself and this special mini-issue of Canons focused on it are both upon us. Flip through the battle CAN of 1L recruit guides below and learn the low down on everything recruit-related you’ve wanted to talk to upper year students about but been too afraid to ask, including but not limited to:

  • How important is seeing Career Services for application prep? (Short answer: VERY.)
  • What are interviews like?
  • What other non-interview things can I expect from the recruit?
  • How do I figure out which firms I like?
  • How do you give first choice?
  • What should I expect on Call Day?
  • Other general tips and advice it never hurts to hear

And much, much more! So get on in there and out there and on the viLaw Portal if you’re gunning for a 1L summer position. You got this, you rock, you’re so cool, and we know you’ll kill it in those online firm-hosted Zoom social events. 

Canons - Ultimate 1L Recruit Guide


Canons 2020-2021 Issue #2: January/February

Welcome to the new year! Glad we can all leave 2020 in the dust. We’ve been working hard over the holiday break to create this: the new full-size Canons 2020-2021 issue for January/February! It’s 52 full pages of great, varied content. We’ve got Bachelor predictions. We’ve got more on QAnon. We’ve got THE DISBARMENT TEST, the best tongue-in-cheek law-themed version of the Purity Test out there. And we’ve got a 1L recruit preview for anyone who’s jonesing for any information about the recruit they can get their hands on. (We’ve going to be making a full mini-issue dedicated to the 1L recruit soon, but we’ve included a good primer in this issue in case there’s anyone out there who just! can’t! wait!)

Thank you for reading, godspeed to you all re: the brand new semester, and here’s to a new set of months of online solidarity. Love y’all. 

Canons-Jan_Feb 2021

The Canons 1L Midterm Guide

Greetings, friends. It’s late November, which means it’s scarily close to December, which means we’re like 0.2 seconds away from having to throw ourselves into studying for finals or, if you’re a 1L, your very first set of law school midterms. 

We’d tell you not to freak out, but you’re probably not going to listen. “Mysterious Canons Editor,” you say, clutching your metaphorical pearl choker, “Please! We need info, not pointless platitudes!”

Although “don’t freak out” actually is useful info and not truly an empty platitude, we also know entirely what you mean: one of the best ways to calm down and not freak out is by knowing what you’re getting yourself into. So here we are, once again, to dump upper-year knowledge on you. Maybe this time it’s solicited. 

Click through the PDF reader below to read our very first Canons 1L Midterm Guide, complete with advice from people who did incredibly well on midterms, people who suffered through dreaded technical issues and lived to tell the tale, and practical info on how to tackle each course, work Exam4, and destroy those exams. 

As always, email us at if you have any questions. ♡

LEGIT FINAL copy midterm guide

Canons 2020-2021 Issue #1: November/December

HELLO!!! We’re back and better than ever with a supersized first “official” issue for the months of November and December. With tons of great content from your fellow students, we hope this issue will find you cozy and safe at home…while reminding you that yes, other law students do in fact exist and you’re not just doing law school in a weird vacuum. In this issue, vote in our bracket to determine who’s the Best Fictional Lawyer, digest our breakdown of the just-completed Alberta 2L recruit, learn about what it takes to pursue a clerkship, read about how to interpret the upcoming U.S. election results, and much much more, including fan favourite horoscopes and our perennial pets feature (which is, as we all know, the best part of mid-class breaks these days). 

Flip through the PDF embedded below to view the Fall 2020-2021 issue of Canons of Construction. ♥ (The embedder doesn’t embed links properly, so to vote in our Fictional Lawyer Bracket, click here.)

P.S. We’ll be back soon with a 1L midterm mini-issue for the next instalment of our 1L Series, and back after that with our January/February issue in the new year. ♡

Canons Issue 1 - Nov:Dec