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My Hometown’s (Supposed) Experience with Satanism

Dylan Robertson (3L) My hometown is a small city in Saskatchewan called Martensville. Calling it a city is something of a misnomer in my eyes, because aside from that title there isn’t anything separating it from the hundred other sleepy Prairie towns that dot the province. This includes the fact that, like any small town, […]

Courageous 3L Decides to Tough it Out and Complete Law School

Dylan Robertson (3L)    After a long summer of conversations with classmates about her lack of motivation and interest in the legal profession, a 3L has made the inspirational decision to stay in law school and finish her degree, because she only has one year left. The 3L in question – who asked to remain […]

Edmonton is Not the Worst

Robynne Thompson (2L)  So, you’ve moved to Edmonton. Or maybe you’re from here. Either way, you may be feeling a bit disappointed about living in Alberta’s capital, especially given the recent decisions made in our Legislature. But that’s the subject for another article…  It might be true that Edmonton’s best moments are during the summer. […]

Tortes and Torts: Eating Green with Anita Nowinka

Robynne Thompson (2L)  Tortes and Torts. Food and law school. The article I thought I would stop writing in 2L but can’t think of anything else to write about.  The end of summer, that bittersweet time where I’m actually excited to go back to school but I know two days in I’ll be wishing I […]

Practical Advice for Finals Preparation

Dylan Robertson (2L) Congratulations! You have survived the memo, conquered your midterms, nailed your moot, and completely failed your parents by drinking multiple times a week. That can only mean one thing: you’re nearly done your first year of law! Unfortunately, there’s one last thing standing between you and summer: finals. Never fear, because Canons […]

Tortes and Torts: Sherlock’s with the 2018 Dean’s Cup Winners

Robynne Thompson (1L)  Tortes and Torts: Where a tired 1L stress eats while asking upper year students for help. (I’ve been trying to come up with a new tag line. I think this is my most accurate iteration thus far.)  This month I faced the stresses of the 1L moot with some good ol’ fashioned […]

The Burger King Drive-Inn: A Completely Unnecessary History

Dylan Robertson (2L) In the one-and-a-half years that I have spent as a citizen of Edmonton, there have been a few things which have stuck out to me as strange about this city. First, despite being the vacation destination of my childhood dreams, I never visit West Edmonton Mall. In fact, I kind of hate […]

Horoscopes: Remedying the Winter Blues

Jenna Chamberlain and Sonali Khurana (3Ls)   CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 – Jan. 20): New year, new you. Welcome change by redesigning your living space. Be inspired by your new and improved surroundings and plan for some significant changes in the near future. Stay prepared for change at a moment’s notice. Suggested Remedy: Pack your suitcases […]

Bachelor Season 23: Premiere Recap and Predictions

Kaitlynd Hiller (1L) Season 23 of The Bachelor kicked off on January 7th with Colton Underwood starring as the next man to find love on reality television. Ah, what to say about the latest strange choice in a series of strange choices the franchise has made since Ben’s season? Nick, Arie, and now…Colton. It’s like […]

Dr. Death: Part 2

Kaitlynd Hiller (1L)  Dr. Christopher Duntsch’s performance as a surgeon raised red flags right out of the gate, but the organizations that he worked for failed to take any action to protect their patients. For example, during his time at Baylor Plano, his patients experienced multiple adverse outcomes – including death. Only after a patient […]