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Canons 2020-2021 Issue #2: January/February

Welcome to the new year! Glad we can all leave 2020 in the dust. We’ve been working hard over the holiday break to create this: the new full-size Canons 2020-2021 issue for January/February! It’s 52 full pages of great, varied content. We’ve got Bachelor predictions. We’ve got more on QAnon. We’ve got THE DISBARMENT TEST, the best tongue-in-cheek law-themed version of the Purity Test out there. And we’ve got a 1L recruit preview for anyone who’s jonesing for any information about the recruit they can get their hands on. (We’ve going to be making a full mini-issue dedicated to the 1L recruit soon, but we’ve included a good primer in this issue in case there’s anyone out there who just! can’t! wait!)

Thank you for reading, godspeed to you all re: the brand new semester, and here’s to a new set of months of online solidarity. Love y’all. 

Canons-Jan_Feb 2021