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The Canons 1L Midterm Guide

Greetings, friends. It’s late November, which means it’s scarily close to December, which means we’re like 0.2 seconds away from having to throw ourselves into studying for finals or, if you’re a 1L, your very first set of law school midterms. 

We’d tell you not to freak out, but you’re probably not going to listen. “Mysterious Canons Editor,” you say, clutching your metaphorical pearl choker, “Please! We need info, not pointless platitudes!”

Although “don’t freak out” actually is useful info and not truly an empty platitude, we also know entirely what you mean: one of the best ways to calm down and not freak out is by knowing what you’re getting yourself into. So here we are, once again, to dump upper-year knowledge on you. Maybe this time it’s solicited. 

Click through the PDF reader below to read our very first Canons 1L Midterm Guide, complete with advice from people who did incredibly well on midterms, people who suffered through dreaded technical issues and lived to tell the tale, and practical info on how to tackle each course, work Exam4, and destroy those exams. 

As always, email us at if you have any questions. ♡

LEGIT FINAL copy midterm guide