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Canons 2020-2021 Issue #1: November/December

HELLO!!! We’re back and better than ever with a supersized first “official” issue for the months of November and December. With tons of great content from your fellow students, we hope this issue will find you cozy and safe at home…while reminding you that yes, other law students do in fact exist and you’re not just doing law school in a weird vacuum. In this issue, vote in our bracket to determine who’s the Best Fictional Lawyer, digest our breakdown of the just-completed Alberta 2L recruit, learn about what it takes to pursue a clerkship, read about how to interpret the upcoming U.S. election results, and much much more, including fan favourite horoscopes and our perennial pets feature (which is, as we all know, the best part of mid-class breaks these days). 

Flip through the PDF embedded below to view the Fall 2020-2021 issue of Canons of Construction. ♥ (The embedder doesn’t embed links properly, so to vote in our Fictional Lawyer Bracket, click here.)

P.S. We’ll be back soon with a 1L midterm mini-issue for the next instalment of our 1L Series, and back after that with our January/February issue in the new year. ♡

Canons Issue 1 - Nov:Dec