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Tortes and Torts: Doughnuts and Me

Robynne Thompson (1L)

Tortes and Torts. Interviews + Food. This month, I set out with same intention as every other month – to interview someone and eat good food. However, due to unforeseen circumstances (read: laziness) and impending exams (read: procrastination), I failed to organize an interview in time for the very strict Canons deadline. It’s a busy time of year, okay! I did my best.

So, instead of getting much needed advice from 2L and 3L students, I decided to write a makeshift love letter to my beloved column. I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t initially intend to join Canons. It just happened. Some might call it an accident. I’d call it fate.

At the beginning of the year, back when I still thought that everyone on a club’s mailing list would actually attend the meetings, I wandered into the first Canons meeting of the year. To my September eyes, the room seemed relatively empty. To my April eyes, it was a great turnout. I grabbed the FREE LUNCH THAT IS PROVIDED AT EVERY MONTHLY CANONS MEETING and took a seat in the back.

The meeting commenced and can only be described as exactly what you’d expect of a bustling newsroom. People were shouting out ideas, whiteboard markers were in a frenzy to write them all down. In a fit of intimidation, I exclaimed “what about food?” All eyes were on me, “like…er…a food review.” The idea was forever cemented on the whiteboard: ‘Food Review.’

How could I get so caught up in the rush of the excitement? What had I done? Little did I know I had just made one of best decisions I would in law school (tied with joining Swift Justice).

From that point on, month after month, I interviewed students and shared some delicious food. Poutine, ramen, chai and bagels, take-out, burgers, pub food, and now, doughnuts. This article took me out of the law school space and reminded me that I am actually a human, not just a robot law student. It showed me that 2Ls and 3Ls had been through all of the 1L challenges and kept going – and that I could too. Even if the stresses of summer jobs, midterms, readings, jobs, moots, more jobs, finals, get a corporate law job, etc made me question why I even wanted to come to law school in the first place. To be real for a moment, it was actually more like an existential crisis coupled with several episodes of uncontrollable crying which is not an okay situation – mental health is important friends, so, thank you to all the people working to make this better for all of us. And corporate law jobs are not the only thing I can do with my law degree (or so I’ve heard).

Getting back on track…a huge thank you every 2L and 3L who had to put up with unprofessional interviews and my off-putting personality: Dylan Robertson, Tunahan Uygun, Bri Walsh, Sarah McFadyen, Hailey Boutin, and Neil Coghlan and Alec McIlwraith-Black. Thank you for your time, advice, and sharing some food with me.

Most importantly, since I started writing this column, I’ve wanted to document some of the delicious offerings at SUB’s Farmer’s Market. It’s open every Thursday from 10-2pm on the main floor of SUB. April 4th was its last day for this semester. But don’t fret, it will be back next year.

One of my favourite places for dessert in Edmonton is Doughnut Party. Luckily, they have a stall at the market that they share with their sister doughnut procurer, Moonshine Doughnuts. Doughnut Party doughnuts are probably vegan (depending on the flavours). Moonshine doughnuts are definitely vegan and have a gluten-free option. At their market location you have to buy a box six (so rough, I know). You could share them with a friend or 5. Or, as I do, eat them all by yourself cause you’re an adult and no one can judge you (keep in mind that they are significantly better day-of so you’re really going to have to go for it).

If you can’t wait until September for a Doughnut Party in your mouth, you can head to their storefront location at 119 St. and 109 Ave. For Moonshine, go to Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market.

It is with sweet sorrow / doughnuts, that I part with my beloved monthly column. She has served me well. What I thought would be 750 painful words that would force to interact with other humans against my will has turned out be an amazing excuse to meet some incredible people and eat some tasty food. Tortes and Torts, you helped me get through 1L. And I hope it helped you in some small way too, dear reader (aka my mom – cause I’m pretty sure she’s the only one that reads these).