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Courageous 3L Decides to Tough it Out and Complete Law School

Dylan Robertson (3L)

   After a long summer of conversations with classmates about her lack of motivation and interest in the legal profession, a 3L has made the inspirational decision to stay in law school and finish her degree, because she only has one year left. The 3L in question – who asked to remain anonymous – offered to share her courageous story with Canons in the hopes that it would help provide comfort to the handful of incoming students who are also asking themselves that important, age-old question: do I really want to do this, or am I only here because I’m too dumb to be a doctor?

“I’ve never really been sure that law is right for me,” the 3L was quoted as saying last Monday at Spencer’s exclusive pre-Pre-O event, N. “When I got here in 1L, I told myself, ‘okay, it’s just a year, so try it out.’ Then I decided to stay last year because all the upper years said 2L is when you actually learn interesting stuff. Now I’m a year away from graduation, so I might as well just tough it out and finish, right? It’s just a few thousand dollars extra in student loans and another year of self-doubt, anyway.”

A major factor in her decision to continue on is the fabled reputation of 3LOL, the phenomenon where the stress of studies magically becomes lighter in the face of indefinite 14-hour workdays. She expressed her relief that school was about to become a lot less like The Paper Chase and more like Legally Blonde. “I don’t know if I would be doing this if literally everyone hadn’t told me it gets easier at this point,” she said. “All my friends are really looking forward to this year after the grind that was 2L and Articling Week… though they all got hired, now that I think of it.”

 Is the 3L confident in her decision? According to her, yes. “Even if I still have no clue why I’m here, have yet to discover an iota of passion for the law, and my top Google prediction is ‘what happens to my student loan debt if I just leave one day and never come back,’ I’ll at least have a piece of paper that says the past three years weren’t a waste, right?”

 When asked about her future post-graduation, the 3L expressed her optimism that the skills she has gained with her degree will help create plenty of opportunities, although she could not pinpoint one that she felt particularly motivated towards. She also admitted that, despite a lack of clear job leads or an area of law that intrigues her, a career in law is ultimately not out of the question. “It will have taken me 60K to get this degree, so I suppose I should at least try to use it. Besides, getting an article is going to be the only way I can pay it all off, so I’m kind of stuck.”