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Law and Hockey: Olivia Sutter

Michael Graham (1L)

As the Tortfeasors prepare for their 2017-2018 campaign they are joined by veteran hockey player Olivia Sutter. Olivia hails from the booming metropolis

of Red Deer, Alberta. She began her undergrad at Carleton where she grew to love Ottawa, especially the Carleton campus and playing for the Ravens. After one year she moved back to Red Deer where she was given the opportunity to play for what is now the Calgary Inferno in the Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL). The CWHL is a professional women’s hockey league that is continually growing and now includes two teams based out of China: the Vanke Rays and Kunlun Red Star.

After two years of hockey with the Inferno, Olivia decided to return to university where she played for the McGill Martlets. It was here that she had her favourite hockey memory as her team won Nationals in  2013-14, her first year on the squad. The Martlets proved to be a perennial powerhouse during her three-year stint, coming in second place during her sophomore year and making it to Nationals again in her final year.

Olivia hopes to continue her success in hockey with the Tortfeasors, her eyes on a Div. 1 intramural championship and becoming the Law Hockey Champions for the Tortfeasors’ eighth time in a row. She will be playing forward, hopefully wearing one of her favourite numbers (11 or 20) and likes to think of herself as a playmaker on the ice. When asked if she had any pre-game rituals Olivia says she likes to put her equipment on from left to right, and that before she tapes her blade, she splits the roll in half. Now for those of you who do not play hockey, let me just tell you that it takes infinitely longer to tape your stick that way.

However, I would never question Olivia for not being diligent with her time given all of the clubs she is involved in. She has been named a 1L rep for both the Sports and Entertainment Law Society and the Law and Business Association. She was also clearly disappointed when she found out that she is not allowed to play for both the Tortfeasors and Swift Justice. All of this on top of her extra-extracurricular activity as one of the coaches for the Monday practice skill session of the University of Alberta Pandas hockey team. Olivia thinks that coaching might be a part of her future, but for now is happy she can keep playing some great hockey while going to Law School.