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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Legal State of Mind

David Foster (3L)   Now I’m done that open memo, yeah I passed Foundations, Killed it with my statutory interpretations I’m the new McLachlin, and since I made it here I can make it anywhere, judges love me everywhere I used to be an Arts student, all of my electives History, Philosophy, could only work […]

Legalese: A 1Ls Worst and Most Boring Nightmare

Day one law school can be pretty overwhelming, to put it lightly. It harkens back to first day of university, even high school, where everyone is scrambling to get to their classes and make acquaintances out of fear of being seen by their peers as confused. Every one of your peers is a victim of […]

Daily Commuter Battle Continues

Victoria Kubinski (3L) The City of Edmonton just made it a lot more difficult for those commuting from the South Side to Central Edmonton. The Century Park LRT Station located at 111 Street and 23 Avenue has been a popular spot for people to ‘Park and Ride’ for free or for $50 per month for […]

How to Use a Textbook

  Every year, we students fork over our summer income and accumulate a dozen new textbooks. Considering the extravagance and the weighty anxiety that sets in when the credit card bill arrives, we might as well get some use out of our very heavy, very expensive textbooks. Here are some suggestions: Squish bugs. A thick […]

Law School Clubs!

Alberta Law Review Alberta Law Review (ALR) is one of the country’s most respected legal journals. Founded in 1955, the ALR publishes three general interest issues per year and an annual energy law issue. The journal also publishes a number of special issues, including a tort law issue in honour of Professor Lewis Klar in […]

Sankoff Critical of Vader Decision

Karsten Erzinger (3L) After a very lengthy and much publicized trial, Travis Vader was found guilty of second degree murder by Justice Denny Thomas. Vader was on trial for the murders of Lyle and Marie McCann and was declared guilty in a rare televised ruling. Immediately following the decision, University of Alberta’s very own Professor […]