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The Seahawks: Eternal Underdogs

Tyler Tober (3L)


I should hate the Seattle Seahawks. I should hate their (sometimes) obnoxious mouthpiece, Richard Sherman. I should, being the politically correct guy I am, hate Marshawn Lynch’s crotch grab celebration and general disdain for authority. I should hate their annoying conspiracy theorist head coach, Pete Carroll. (I do generally dislike the fans, but that doesn’t fit with the theme). All in all, however, the Seahawks are just too damn likable.

They are likable because they are inspirational. They are inspirational because they shouldn’t be in this position. Marshawn Lynch grew up in the ghetto without a father, and the Bills gave up on him partly due to character concerns. Sherman also grew up poor in Compton, Compton (ain’t no city quite like mine) and he was just a fifth round draft pick. Quarterback Russell Wilson was only a third round pick because he was supposedly too short to be a star, standing at only 5’11”. 

Despite their shortcomings (pardon the pun), the Seahawks have persevered like no team I have ever seen. Of course they got a little lucky along the way, but they made plenty of their own luck, as great champions do. Carroll called for a fake field goal with the team desperate for a momentum boost. It turned into a touchdown pass for a punter from Regina. Two words: huge cojones.

Sherman was lucky to have strong support from his mother growing up, but he took advantage, making it to Stanford and eventually becoming, as he says, the best cornerback in the game. In this game, he sprained his elbow and could barely move it. He still played. He still did his job. Lynch ran for 157 yards and continued to cement his legacy. The Hawks showed the will to win when the Packers did not.

As for Wilson, he threw four picks and was flat out embarrassing through 55 minutes of play. The game was effectively over and, even, I was chirping him. But his mind never strayed. He never lost confidence. He turned it around with perfect throws down the stretch to steal the game.

There are cliché lessons for life that we all forget or neglect, but deserve re-iteration now. Never give up. Believe in yourself even in the face of immense opposition. No matter how bad things are going, you can do anything you set your mind to. Of course, it helps if some backup tight end abandons his assignment and forgets how to catch a damn football at the worst possible moment.

The Seahawks are eternal underdogs with chips on their shoulders so large they barely have any shoulders left. Overcoming the odds is what many of these players have been doing their whole lives, so winning crazy games is nothing new, relatively speaking. Even now, as Vegas favourites, they play the “us against the world” card. It works for them, feeding their insatiable drive to win.