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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Life Outside Law: A Professor Expose

Professor Ubaka Ogbogu   What’s my life like outside the law? If I had to describe it in terms of one catch-all, it has to be that I enjoy conversations. Especially if it relates to two topics: how my life would be much better with a butler in it, and how much I dislike cable […]

Writing Effective Papers in Law School

A Student’s Perspective: Sam Rollans (3L) 1) Talk to Your Professor The only opinion of your work that ultimately matters is your professor’s, and their backgrounds are as diverse as the students they’re teaching. They all have slightly different ideas of what a research paper should be. Take an hour out of your day and […]

Dean’s Listers’ Exam Advice for 1Ls

  It’s nearing that time of year again! Yep. It’s true. It’s time to start forming study groups and making CANs and working on practice exams. A trip to the 4th floor to see a professor might even be in order. In this segment, some of our Faculty’s best and brightest offer their study tips […]