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Law Girl/Law Guy: Sibling Edition

Law Girl

Law Girl: Deirdre Fleming

Three words to describe your sibling relationship?

Hugs, love, and sass.


Advice for law ladies wanting Conor’s attention?

He snores, loudly. You’ve been warned. I also live with him, so you’ll have to put up with me on the regular. Weighing the pros and cons for that might be a challenge.


A childhood memory of Conor that might surprise people?

Despite the fact that we’ve both taken to contact sports in our adult lives, there was a surprising limited amount of fighting as children. Conor never had scuffles with me or our middle brother. He’s been a mediator since birth, I guess. (Also, video footage exists of a time when Conor was a cute ginger toddler with an Irish accent. I’ll make it my mission to unearth it.)


Pet peeve about Conor?

I’m still pretty sour that he didn’t fulfill his promise to buy me a pink and purple polka-dotted limo if he got into the NBA. My six-year-old self will never recover. In all seriousness though, he’s pretty spectacular at Christmas gift giving. His skill at knowing exactly what someone wants/needs shows up me and our middle brother every year. Very irksome.


Describe your law school experience as Conor’s baby sis.

Being able to walk to class with my big brother for the first time since Kindergarten is a novelty that I’m still reveling in. Despite his slightly overprotective nature, I love him to bits and it has been a ton of fun experiencing 1L with my favourite person. I’ve also gotten to meet the people who have become his family since he moved out here, and that’s been amazing.


 Law Guy

Law Guy: Conor Fleming

Three words to describe your sibling relationship?

Huggy, ginger, and wine.


Advice for law gents wanting Deirdre’s attention?

Deirdre is a very clever girl and a wonderful person. So, first of all, you had better be awesome. Secondly, a working knowledge of the game of rugby would help a lot. Thirdly, get lost; that’s my little sister. 


Favourite childhood memory of Deirdre?

Coaching Deirdre for two years in paddling, and watching her achieve her goals. 


Pet peeve about Deirdre?

Coffee cup lid destruction. (Ask her about it.)


Describe your law school experience as Deirdre’s older brother.

Having Deirdre in law school has been fantastic. Over the last two years, I haven’t been able to spend much time with my family because they all live in Ontario, so family time this year has been a very welcome change. Deirdre also just makes me a happier person generally. She is kind, thoughtful, and occasionally does my laundry if I ask very nicely, so basically having your baby sister going to school with you is amazing.