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A Night of Vocal Debauchery: LSA Hosts Gavenue!

Iain Walker (3L)


The night started a bit slowly. It was approaching 10:00… Dave the Karaoke guy was setting up his equipment, but only a handful of the most dedicated law students were in attendance. Staring down the barrel of having to return a cornucopia of booze, I started to get worried.

But, ever so slowly, more and more people started trickling in and the word started getting out that a veritable stampede of law students was imminent. Not an hour later, and the place was packed. There was a lineup ten deep at the bar and we were all being treated to the dulcet tones of 1L David Foster (or D-Fost, as I like to call him) improvising some law themed karaoke!

As the night wore on, law students became pop stars performing everything from Cyndi Lauper to Michael Jackson to the Backstreet Boys and doing their best to match Freddie Mercury’s wailing crescendos in Bohemian Rhapsody. Back at the bar Ari, Dharam, and I were working our butts off. We’d developed a pretty decent system with Dharam doing his best impression of a 1920s newsboy, Ari happily and efficiently exchanging money for drink tickets, and me doing my best to keep up with the spirit-ed demands for another drink!

That said, the evening was not without its drama. Shocked to see people actually having fun in the Law Centre (a stark contrast to the surly dispositions normally observed around the ol’ LC at this time), and perhaps somewhat taken aback by the beautiful renditions of “Don’t Stop Believing”, the hardworking University cleaning staff complained to University Protective Services about loud music/law students, resulting in a visit from two cheerful members of Campus 5-0. While 5-0 was satisfied that our permit was in order, their visit did result in members of your LSA receiving a bit of a stern talking to.

Overall, I think the second iteration of Gavenue was a rousing success! The goal was to try to channel some of the magic of Avenue Pizza, and to rekindle the kind of tight-knit law school community the U of A Faculty of law is famous for!

Next up for Gavenue is the Ugly Sweater Party on November 27th. Bust out that sweater your grandma knitted for you a couple of years ago or, if you’re like me and you’ve put on a few pounds lately because you eat your feelings after a rough exam, hit up any one of the vintage clothing stores down Whyte Ave! 

You can expect the usual drink specials, and Dave the Karaoke guy will be back! In the spirit of the Christmas season, the LSA is partnering with WLF for this event so the entry “fee” will be one non-perishable food item or one personal item (soap, hair elastics, moisturizer etc.) to be donated to Kindred House. Can’t wait to see all of your horrendous antlered and bedazzled sweaters on the 27th!