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New Year, New You (sure sure)

Alright, it’s officially here; another year in which you can ‘start fresh’, whatever that means. It’s not like your life resets just because we write the date differently, but people take this as an opportunity to wipe the slate clean. Now for most people resolutions include things like getting in shape, eating clean, and going to bed earlier. Law students on the other hand have a whole other world of issues in which they can try to better themselves. Below are some of the resolutions you can expect to see from 1L’s, 2L’s, and 3L’s, or some good ideas if you are starting off the New Year with a mental block.

The 1L category is probably the easiest because we all remember how we felt after that first set of exams. You’ve gone through your whole academic life riding the A train (and maybe a few extremely distressing B’s) when you get slapped in the face with grades you don’t recognize. This makes you question your decision to come to law school in the first place, but once you’ve had a few beers and a sweet nap you decide to stick it out, with some major changes including:

  • STUDY MORE, READ MORE, THINK MORE, LEARN MORE (you’re probably planning on every waking hour; I give that a week).
  • Start spending your Thursday nights prepping for class and starting any assignments or papers (again I give that exactly one Thursday).
  • Spend so much time in the library that your favorite chair starts to take the shape of your bum. This is also useful to mark your territory when the SNAIL’s inevitably return.

The 2L’s resolutions are somewhat more relaxed and can include things like:

  • Do something other than study (you now throw yourself a party for getting a B+).
  • Get back in shape after sitting in your library “bumprint” for the last semester.
  • Try not to have a panic attack every time you get Pat Neil’s posting for the week to remind you that you still don’t have an article and better get on that!

Finally, the 3L’s:

  • Try to care (this will take all of your willpower). Once your article is lined up you’ll find yourself wondering why grades matter, and starting spending an inordinate amount of time on Netflix.
  • Get the most out of your last semester of ‘freedom’. For many of us this will be the last time we attend post-secondary education. This also means the end of starting your day at 11 AM or your wardrobe being able to consist entirely of sweatpants and Law-wear.
  • Try not to go nuts if you have a lot of room left on your line of credit. A new car may seem like a great idea but remember you’ll also want to eat food and sleep somewhere with indoor plumbing.


All in all don’t stress too much and enjoy law school while it lasts! See you at the gym 😛