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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Law Guy/Law Girl: Exchange Edition

Law Guy: Roger Rouault Where are you living for the duration of your exchange? I’m living in the Netherlands in a city called Tilburg. I know you are only a month or so into your stay, but what is it really like?  Anything you miss from home? I never thought I’d say this, but there […]

ELSA Update: Tree Planting, Hikes & More!

Jacob Marchel (2L) Greetings from the Environmental Law Students’ Association(ELSA) at the U of A. ELSA has been busy this term, and we’re pretty happy about that. We had a great turnout for our first general meeting this past week, we had a very successful community event, and we’ve also appointed our 1L Reps! Firstly, […]


We rustled up a fan from every Canadian NHL team to share their views on the 2013/2014 season Ottawa Senators Stephen Dam (3L) Another NHL season is upon us and once again the Ottawa Senators are a beast of a team. Senators fans will sorely miss Alfy, but with the addition of Bobby-Ryan, a healthy […]

The BLG Western Canadian Law Rugby Championship

On Saturday, October 5, the U of A hosted the Western Canadian Law Rugby Tournament, sponsored by BLG. History was made as both the Men’s and Women’s teams walked away with victory dripping from every pore. Highlights from the Panda Bearristers’ Tournament Erin Townley (3L) Unfortunately this year every Western law school with the exception […]

The Country That Used to be Mine: Quebec Charter of Values

Mustafa Farooq (2L)   “On juge une société par la façon dont elle traite ses minorities (A nation is judged by how it treats its minorities)”- Rene Levesque When asked about their life goals, one of the most popular answers that people give is to “travel the world” (this is certainly the most common goal […]

Last Minute Halloween Ideas

Lisa Wingenbach (2L) As one gets older time seems to fly by, every year going by faster than the last. Without realizing it, Halloween is but a heartbeat away and once again a person is confronted with the last minute decision of what to wear on this slightly overrated holiday. Even if the 31st comes […]

Professor D’Arcy Vermette Likes His Coffee Thick As Molasses

Canons: You’ve attended three different law schools for your LLB, LLM, and LLD, and you are now teaching at a fourth. How would you say the U of A’s law school differs from the others? Professor Vermette: I never really had the chance to compare apples to apples. The experiences are separated by time (it […]

More Student Perspectives on the Future of Law School

At its core, the study of law is not prone to rapid transformation – as evidenced perhaps by centuries-old case law and archaic terms of art. However, the methods with which we learn the law have changed exponentially in the past few decades alone. Classrooms full of laptops, a multitude of online resources, and students […]

Is it Possible to Have a Gay ol’ Time in Law school?

Chris Wilson (2L), Shad Turner (2L) I know what you’re thinking, you could use more gay in your day to enliven these dreary cement walls with a splash of rainbow colour. Well, you’re in luck. After a quiet year (even the crickets were on hiatus), OUTlaw is back in action and ready to entertain, educate, […]

Breaking Dex: Dexter Morgan vs. Walter White

Ryan Ghuman, 3L *Warning: Do not read this article if you have not watched the final seasons of Dexter or Breaking Bad This past September many of us were forced to say goodbye to two good friends; Dexter Morgan and Walter White. As both Showcase’s Dexter and AMC’s Breaking Bad decided to conclude their long […]