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Tortfeasors and Litigators Season Review

Jeremy Comeau (3L)

The UofA Law Tortfeasors Hockey Club is heading into the final stretch of a torrid 2012-2013 season. Despite an early season goaltending controversy, Garrett Lee has backstopped the Tortfeasors to a third consecutive birth in the Division 1 intramural playoffs. Although 2012 saw the retirement of some Tortfeasor staples such as Mike “Captain Serious” McVey, and the “Manning” Mays, a strong group of 1L recruits (one akin to NHL legend Scott Neidermayer), were able to fill the ranks.  Under the guise of dedicated Tortfeasor President Scott Brasil, the team was successful at winning a fourth consecutive title in the 8th Annual Dale Masson Memorial Western Canadian Law Hockey Championship. After a 2-1 round robin loss to the UofC Flamers, the Tortfeasors were able to secure a birth to the finals and rallied to defeat UofC by a convincing 7-1 margin. A milestone was achieved for tournament MVP Derrick “Birdcage” Hosanna who actually attended the majority of the games in the tournament and decided not to repeat any head butting tactics he had employed in prior years.

Currently the Tortfeasors are rigorously training (their livers) for the annual alumni game in Red Deer on March 9. The team is attempting to repeat on last year’s success after the Tortfeasors defeated the alumni for the first time in a decade. Despite missing some key pieces due to injury such as “Little” Lucas Huyser-Wierenga and Kevin “Old-Man-Hands” Haldane, the team looks poised to reach dynasty status by securing their third consecutive.


Ryan Ghuman (2L)

Amidst the scenic backdrop of Lake Louise, the Litigators held their annual alumni tournament this past weekend. Litigator members past and present, descended upon the mountainous landscape for what many called the longest they had ever traveled to play a game of pond hockey. Lengthy road-trips aside, once the ice was shoveled and the pucks were dropped the only thing that mattered was competition. Teammates in Edmonton became foes in Lake Louise, as the Litigators divided themselves by year in order to determine who would reign supreme.

The 1L team showed that experience wasn’t a prerequisite as they battled hard. What the 2L team may have lacked on offensive talent, they made up for in snow-bank body checks. The 3L team played with an intensity not seen since their first year mid-term exams and the Alumni were just happy to get away from their significant others for at least a night; while winning the tournament in the process.

After the tournament the team enjoyed a respectable and classy night out in Banff.

Special thanks goes to team Captain Ariel Laver for organizing the trip and all the Alumni that made it. Of course, this article would not be complete without thanking the staff of the Banff Inn for not exercising their powers under the Innkeepers Act.