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Carter v Canada: Assisted Suicide Debate

Against Assisted Suicide Karsten Erzinger (1L) The issue of physician-assisted suicide is soon to be decided by the Supreme Court of Canada. While it is unclear how the SCC will rule on this matter, the current case has once again brought the question of physician-assisted suicide to the forefront of Canadian discourse. Should Canada legalize […]

The Exchange Chronicles: The Perks of Studying Abroad

Nakul Bhatia (3L): Prague, Czech Republic Most memorable moment? It was probably all my friends and family that came to visit throughout my exchange. I had friends from Calgary, my cousins, my parents, and Kismat and Faiz come to Prague and I ended up being a de facto tour guide. Also, the beer in Prague. […]

Space Travel and Interstellar

Space Travel & Interstellar Iwan Davies (2L) and Joshua Samac (2L) On October 29th, Christopher Nolan debuted what some have called the 2001: Space Odyssey of our generation. Shortly after that, on November 12th, the European Space Agency (ESA) accomplished what is perhaps the greatest feat in space exploration so far – they landed a […]

Law Show Insider

While the show itself is still several months away, the cast and crew of Harry Lawter are hard at work. In fact, many students began preparing shortly after last year’s show wrapped up. They wrote the fabulously funny script over the summer, picking their brains for as many law puns and pop culture references as […]

Two Sides of the Coin: Edmonton Winters

Winter > Non-Winter Jonathon Austin (2L) We can all recall those moments where we pray for the early arrival of winter amid the stifling heat of a summer afternoon. Then fall approaches, and winter’s creeping chill reminds us of how wrong we were. Snow and frost ensue, Edmonton roads become a free for all as […]

Law Girl/Law Guy: Parents Edition

Law Girl/Law Guy: Law Parents Edition Law Girl: Sarah Sager Three words to describe balancing parenting with readings? Need more time!!! What is your plan for tackling Christmas shopping while handling midterms? I personally prefer to indulge in the full Christmas shopping experience. As such, I don’t start until the 20th of December. That way, the […]

Trinity Western University: Admin Law Meets the Charter

Shad Turner (3L), OUTlaw Alberta It’s deja vu all over again. In 2001, the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) ruled that the BC College of Teachers acted unfairly in “considering the religious precepts of [Trinity Western University (TWU)] instead of the actual impact of these beliefs on the school environment” in its reasons for denying […]

Two Cheers for Canadian Democracy

Rob McCarty (3L) Canada deserves two resounding cheers for its admirable response to the recent shootings in Ottawa on October 22, 2014. The first cheer is for having the House of Commons sit on the day following the attack. The decision to continue with “business-as-usual” took courage, and is a strong political statement about the […]

Social Media and the Ghomeshi Controversy

Hailee Barber (1L) The controversy surrounding the CBC’s decision to end its relationship with Jian Ghomeshi has raised important discussions related to a number of current societal issues; one that interests me is the way that social media, in the form of Ghomeshi’s Facebook post, continues to impact the public’s response as the controversy unfolds. […]

Western Canadian Law Rugby Championship

Allie Larson (1L) The Panda Bearristers enjoyed an impressive third place finish at this year’s Western Canadian Law Rugby Championship in Calgary. All play was held on Saturday, October 18 for the three-team tournament. Saturday morning brought a double header for the Pandas, opening with a well-fought battle against Thompson Rivers University (“TRU”). Rookie eight-man, […]