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How to Support Canons

Canons of Construction is funded primarily through the generous sponsorship from various law firms. In exchange for funding, we offer advertising space in both our printed publication and on our website.

If your firm or organization would like to become a sponsor, please contact one of our Editor-in-Chiefs. See below for our price guide, and specifications of various types of advertisements.


We offer three distinct Ad sizes and price points (annual):

1. Main Ad ($600) – 300 x 250 pixels – This ad is prominently displayed on the right side of the article pages.

2. Bottom Banner ($800) – 728 x 90 pixels – This ad is displayed across the bottom of every page.

3. Top Icon (FREE/$120) – 60 x 25 pixels – This is a grayscale image, located at the very top of the page in the black banner. This ad is provided free of charge with the purchase of any other online ad, and is visible on every page of our website. Without the purchase of a separate online ad, this ad can be obtained for $120.

The Main Ad and Bottom Banner are randomized and cycle through a stock of ads. Each page will usually display a different ad so that each visitor is exposed to our sponsors at least once per visit.

The Top Icon will be visible in a randomized order on every page of the website.

Each image will redirect to a URL of your choosing.

Print Edition

Canons prints 7 issues annually, from September through March. Organizations are free to choose as many or as few ads as fits their needs. We offer three distinct sizes: Full, Half, and Quarter page. For the graphics department: the pages we print on are standard 8” x 11.5” pages. If ordering a Full page ad, the size of the provided file should be the same size, or bigger – to prevent loss of fidelity. The same size can be applied to the Quarter page ads, as the ratio of height to width is the same. Half page ads should be 8” x 5.75”.

Full Page

½ Page

¼ Page

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2 Issues




3 Issues




4 Issues




5 Issues




6 Issues




7 Issues