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Toomba’s Tunes – October

Tunahan Uygun (3L)  What up everybody it’s your boy Tunahan, aka Tuna, aka El Jefe, aka Toomba & I’d like to cordially welcome you to my monthly music column Toomba’s Tunes. For any of you who know me, you know I’ve always got something bumping through my headphones & I thought I’d share some of […]

Ten Survival Tips for Incoming Law Students

Taylor Maxston (3L) #1 – Put Your Past Behind You and Focus on the Road Ahead While there was a brief stint in your life when the LSAT was the center of the universe, the subject will seldom (if ever) come up in law school and your career pursuits. Take pride in all the hard […]

Review: Law Show 2019

Karey Rodgers (3L) This year’s Law Show, Neverlaw: The Peter Pan Story, continued the trend of transforming our childhood movies into law-themed theatrical productions. All the basic elements of a typical Law Show production were there, but I can confidently say this year was a stand-out—probably one of the best yet, although I admittedly have […]

Oscars Run-Up

Kaitlynd Hiller (1L) If you’re anything like me, 2018 felt like one of the longest and most confusing years of my life. Think back to all the things that happened last year: the Tide Pod challenge was a thing, Kylie Jenner had a secret baby, there was an Olympics(!), Prince Harry got married, and people […]

Practical Advice for Moot Preparation, Part 2

Taylor Maxston (2L) We are a little over a month into the Winter semester and buzz about the LRW moot is pervasive throughout the Faculty of Law. With preparations underway for each 1L’s opportunity to don the gown and present oral arguments, the focus is beginning to move away from formulating what to argue and […]

Tortes and Torts: Burgers with Hailey Boutin

Robynne Thompson (1L) This month, I had the pleasure of interviewing 3L student and burger connoisseur, Hailey Boutin. Hailey is the President of OUTLaw and a member of the LSA’s Graduation Committee. After graduation, Hailey will be completing her articles at Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP (Calgary) where she started as a summer student. After […]

Ski Trip 2019

Kaitlynd Hiller (1L) Coming into law school I was told that there were certain extracurriculars NOT to be missed: SLS, Law Show, and Ski Trip. So when the time came, I signed up without a second thought. No deposit, just a full payment. I was excited. But then…I kind of forgot about it. All of […]

Tortes and Torts: Takeout with Sarah McFadyen

Robynne Thompson (1L) New year, same ol’ me. I’ve never been great at making (or sticking to) resolutions but this year I’m going to try to eat out a little less. In that spirit, this month is all about takeout. It doesn’t count as going out to eat if you bring your food home, right? […]

The Hockey Arbitration Competition of Canada

Dylan Robertson (2L) On November 11th, I had the pleasure of travelling to the University of Toronto to represent the Faculty of Law at the Hockey Arbitration Competition of Canada. The Faculty of Law sent two teams to the competition: Adam Kolowitz and Frank Carbonaro comprised one team, while Rajiv Bansal and I comprised the […]

Practical Advice for Moot Preparation, Part #1

Taylor Maxston (2L) Congratulations to all 1Ls for completing fall semester midterms and reaching the home stretch! Hopefully Christmas break allowed everyone to step back and take a deep breath, as more challenges await in 2019. In particular, the LRW moot represents an opportunity to hop out of the doldrums of reading and studying to […]