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The Problem with Identity Politics

Karsten Erzinger (3L) “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Those are the immortal words of Martin Luther King Jr, spoken on August 28, 1963. On that […]

Review of 1L

Jenna Chamberlain (1L), Sonali Khurana (1L), Anisha Karia (1L) This is a review of our first year of law school as expressed through our feelings throughout the year. We are three different personalities who had three very different experiences.   Jenna: Loves school. Loves studying. Loves exams. Went to every single class and loved them […]

You’re An Idiot (Just Like Me)

Spencer Morrison (2L) You’re an idiot. I know it, your friends know it — everyone knows it. It’s all anyone talks about (behind your back, naturally). And deep down, you know it too. But you’re in good company. I’m an idiot too. Every one of us has intellectual blind spots, or gaping holes in our knowledge that […]

A Completely Objective Non-Bitter Review of My Love Life in Cinematic Context

by Hailee Barber (3L) Although a bit late for Valentine’s Day I’ve decided to reflect on my own romantic history and the ways that some of my favourite movies have influenced those experiences.  Devoted readers of my Canons articles (Hi Mom! Hi Dad!) will recall that last year I penned a cheery piece entitled “The […]

Video Game Empires: Pokémon and Civilization

Ryan Ackerman (3L) How do you build a video game empire, selling millions of copies effortlessly each time a new installment is released? If you asked Firaxis and Game Freak, the developers of Civilization and Pokémon, respectively, they would probably tell you to make essentially the same game every few years, slap a new number […]

The Appeal of Minimalism

Hailee Barber (3L) Make it simple, but significant –Don Draper, Mad Men Over the holidays my mom told me that she’d recently watched a documentary on Netflix called Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things. The concept was something I’d come across a few times on Pinterest, so I had a basic understanding that minimalism […]

So I Tried to Marry a Doctor: Can Law and Med Ever Really Mix?

Kyle Procee (2L) It’s that time of the year once again, when all of the best and brightest of the University of Alberta’s shining beacons of academia get together to either commiserate or celebrate the wonders of higher education, and also there were nurses this time…. That’s right a hazy number of Fridays ago the […]

Trump v Clinton

PRO Clinton – Clinton for POTUS Anonymous If I was feeling lazy, I could simply post a photo of Donald Trump and let that stand as an argument in support of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president. This has truly been one of the strangest, most baffling political battles to have occurred in my lifetime and […]

Transgender Policy Ignites Debate on Alberta Catholic School

Alberta’s publicly funded and administered Catholic school system has become an ideological battleground thanks to the provincial government’s guidelines requiring schools to develop a policy accommodating lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students. Policies must be submitted by March 31 and if a school board refuses to comply they could face discipline from the province, including dissolution by Minister of […]

A Failure to Communicate: Social Media, Public Opinion, and Criminal Justice in R v Ghomeshi by

Hailee Barber 2L  As I sifted through the coverage of Jian Ghomeshi’s sexual assault trial this February, I came across a variety of opinions that reflected my own somewhat confused feelings about the case. Many criticized Ghomeshi’s defence counsel Marie Henein for what they saw as merciless cross­examinations that played into sexual assault stereotypes in order to undermine […]