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Not Your Basic Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Chris Gallardo-Ganaban (2L) It’s that time of year again! Sweater weather, fall aesthetics, and of course – pumpkin spice everything! It started out as what seemed to be a short-lived fad, like kale chips and CrossFit, but alas, it’s back again — whether you like it or not. As your person PSL correspondent, I went […]

The Worst Call in NHL History

Michael Wickson (2L) I’m not a bitter person. I’m really not. I also have all the time in the world for sports officials. However, the failure to call goaltender interference after Ryan Kesler grabbed Cam Talbot’s pad to create an opening to score the tying goal with 15 seconds remaining on May 5, 2017 was […]

Interview with a Trump Supporter

Aizlynn Regan (NCA) A Donald Trump supporter. You might be friends with one. You might be related to one. You might even have the unfortunate circumstances of, like me, being married to one. As you can imagine, “for better or for worse” has taken on a whole new meaning, and far too many deep discussions […]

Dear Class of 2020,

Let me begin by congratulating you all on having one of the greatest graduating years since the palindrome class of 1991. Count me among the envious! On behalf of the Law Students’ Association (LSA) and the rest of the student body here at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law, I am thrilled to welcome […]

The Best Place for Coffee in Law School: Hello My Friend Café

Karey Thomson (2L)   If you’ve never heard of Hello My Friend Café, you must be a 1L. You’ll find this beloved little coffee shop in The Gavel (the law student lounge). The owner and only server is Steve, who greets every customer with a smile and a hello. He’ll remember your name and always […]

SLS: A Primer

Neil Thomson (3L), Executive Coordinator of Student Legal Services   Student Legal Services (SLS) is a non-profit organization run by U of A law students. Our mandate is built around providing access to justice for the low-income community in the greater Edmonton area. It was founded in 1969 by a dozen law students operating with […]

Advice for the Class of 2020…

WHAT DO YOU KNOW NOW THAT YOU WISH YOU HAD KNOWN DURING YOUR FIRST FEW WEEKS OF LAW SCHOOL? This isn’t like undergrad – do your readings. –Dean Bergsma, Class of 2017 You can get all the CANs you will need from the LSA website. –Barret McNally, Class of 2017 Somewhat ironically, but you’re going […]

Your GPA does not determine your value as a person.

  I’m not a fan of mantras. I have little patience for Pinterest quotes written on a sunset background that say things like, “you have the power within” or “be the best you.” But I have found one mantra that helps me get through exam season (sans sunset): your GPA does not determine your value […]

Review: Netflix’s RIVERDALE

By Sonali Khurana (1L) This is not Riverdale. This is a world where Archie is a bigger jock than Moose, Veronica is poor, and Jughead likes Betty more than burgers. I watched the show just to see how badly they messed up the characters – by far, the 23-year-old Ms. Grundy with the cougar-complex was […]

Moots: What I Hoped For v What I Got

by Allana McComb (3L) I always wanted to do a competitive moot and this semester I got the opportunity to participate in the Gale Cup. It was everything I had hoped for, with a lot that I didn’t want as well. I was ecstatic that I would only have 4 courses left after reading week. […]