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Courageous 3L Decides to Tough it Out and Complete Law School

Dylan Robertson (3L)    After a long summer of conversations with classmates about her lack of motivation and interest in the legal profession, a 3L has made the inspirational decision to stay in law school and finish her degree, because she only has one year left. The 3L in question – who asked to remain […]

A Background to the Hong Kong Protests

Dylan Robertson (3L)     Since June, the city of Hong Kong has been paralyzed by protests and clashes between pro-democracy citizens and the Hong Kong Police. What originally started out as opposition to a proposed law which would have allowed for the extradition of citizens and foreign nationals to the Chinese mainland has blossomed into […]

My Thoughts on Leaving Neverland

Dylan Robertson (2L) When Leaving Neverland was first announced, I was dismissive of it. Like many fans of Michael Jackson, I considered the jury’s verdict in People v Jackson to be the final word regarding the child molestation accusations which haunted the singer in the final two decades of his life. My first impression of […]

The Story of Violet Henry King

Dylan Robertson (2L) The University of Alberta Faculty of Law has had some highly notable and important graduates in its century-long existence. Distinguished students such as Beverley McLachlin and Peter Lougheed have graduated from this Faculty and gone on to help shape Canada as we know it. However, one graduate who isn’t mentioned nearly as […]

The Rise and Fall of Equity

Joe Sellman (3L) Equity is often given lip service in our legal education as something that once mattered, was once problematic, and is now limited to a few specific instances where it is useful. That is, equity was once a problem, and that problem was solved long ago. During my first year of law school, […]

Sask First Nation Challenges Provincial Jurisdiction over Cannabis

Dylan Robertson (2L) Last month, the Muscowpetung Saulteaux First Nation, located northeast of Regina, became the first Indigenous nation in Canada to pass its own cannabis legislation and open its own dispensary. Claiming a sovereign right to pass laws on its territory, the First Nation argues that it is outside the jurisdiction of the cannabis […]

US Midterm Election Results

Kaitlynd Hiller (1L) The midterms are over, (most of) the results are in, and next month the 116th Congress of the United States will go to work for the people of the Republic. After a bitterly fought battle marked by racist campaign robocalls, accusations of voter suppression and yet another Florida debacle, both sides are […]

Dr. Death: Part One

Kaitlynd Hiller (1L) My sister loves murder podcasts. Last weekend she flew to Vancouver just to see a live taping of a “My Favourite Murder” episode. She was so overwhelmed to be in the presence of her “moms” that I believe her exact tweet was: “I will be breathing in the same air and silent […]

University Reports Strange Increase in Cowboy Hats

Dylan Robertson (2L) Halloween might be over, but the University of Alberta has been dealing with a strange phenomenon of students continuing to dress up as cowboys. Since October 26th, Campus Security has received several reports from concerned students of the strange, Calgarian-like people on campus. The sight of just one student wearing a cowboy […]

Why the NDP is Designed to Fail

Dylan Robertson (2L) The New Democratic Party is unique amongst the major political parties of Canada. As of 2018, the NDP is the only party to maintain strict organizational ties between its federal and provincial arms. The establishment of the provincial parties is mandated in Article XII of the NDP’s governing constitution, which states that […]