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Celebrity Prime Ministers: Who Will Save Us?

Dylan Robertson (1L) If you’re like me, you treated the speculation around Oprah running for President with an equal sense of dread and humour. While Oprah has thankfully announced that she is not interested in the Oval Office, she is merely the latest in a long line of American politicians who have publicly mused parlaying […]

LAW SHOW 2018: Monsters, LLP

Joe Byram (2L) Law Show is back and scarier than ever! In Law Show’s 3rd annual 20th anniversary edition, Monsters, LLP explores the pressures faced by the modern articling student through the single contact lens of Mike Lawzowski (Scott Richardson) and his pal, James D. (JD) Sullawvin (Dan Witten), two promising young associates at the […]

It Is Not About the Destination, It Is About the Journey

Joe Sellman (2L)   Where can we go for Christmas to forget about Law School and avoid the travel chaos, I asked myself… oh, what’s this? I have a 50% off voucher for VIA Rail. Clearly, I should catch the train from Edmonton to Jasper! It is only one stop away and then I can […]

Not Your Basic Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Chris Gallardo-Ganaban (2L) It’s that time of year again! Sweater weather, fall aesthetics, and of course – pumpkin spice everything! It started out as what seemed to be a short-lived fad, like kale chips and CrossFit, but alas, it’s back again — whether you like it or not. As your person PSL correspondent, I went […]

Law and Hockey: Olivia Sutter

Michael Graham (1L) As the Tortfeasors prepare for their 2017-2018 campaign they are joined by veteran hockey player Olivia Sutter. Olivia hails from the booming metropolis of Red Deer, Alberta. She began her undergrad at Carleton where she grew to love Ottawa, especially the Carleton campus and playing for the Ravens. After one year she moved […]

Stranger Things v. Riverdale

Warning: Season One Spoilers Why you should be more excited about Stranger Things: By Jenna Chamberlain (the type of person who says “you HAVEN’T seen [enter critically acclaimed film from 50 years ago]?”) First things first, I can’t wait for season two of Riverdale. I want to see Jughead join a gang, to fangirl over […]

Interview with a Trump Supporter

Aizlynn Regan (NCA) A Donald Trump supporter. You might be friends with one. You might be related to one. You might even have the unfortunate circumstances of, like me, being married to one. As you can imagine, “for better or for worse” has taken on a whole new meaning, and far too many deep discussions […]

El Hacko: Clever Costumes and a Mystery

Holly Spurrell (1L) One of the only things that has the potential to improve an already incredible day of golfing with friends, old and new, is the addition of costumes. The costumes donned by the participants of the annual “El Hacko” golf tournament serve as a manifestation of the creativity, craftiness, and humour of my […]

Laws, huh, what are they good for? Absolutely Nothing!

Joe Sellman (2L) Anarchy is not a synonym for chaos. Chaos is disorder and confusion. Anarchy is the absence of order, or more specifically, anarchy is a political theory that rejects either the need for or the legitimacy of the state.  Many people conflate the two and I believe this comes from the assumption that […]

A Completely Objective Non-Bitter Review of My Love Life in Cinematic Context

by Hailee Barber (3L) Although a bit late for Valentine’s Day I’ve decided to reflect on my own romantic history and the ways that some of my favourite movies have influenced those experiences.  Devoted readers of my Canons articles (Hi Mom! Hi Dad!) will recall that last year I penned a cheery piece entitled “The […]