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U of A Makes History Winning the Laskin Memorial Moot

Leah McDaniel (3L)   On March 2, 2013, the University of Alberta Laskin moot teamwas honoured to win the 2013 top school prize at this year’s Laskin Memorial Moot. The win was especially exciting for us for a couple of reasons: (1) Edmonton was this year’s host for the competition; and (2) it is the […]

Moot Point: Should Drugs Be Legalized?

Legalize It All Sam Harrison (1L) When we talk about the “drug problem” in our society, invariably the first image that comes to mind is an impoverished ne’er-do-well, beholden to addiction, slowly killing himself in a back alley.  This is not the only effect of drugs, but fear of condoning it leads to our outdated […]

He Said – She Said: Parents At Grad

  He Said: Of Course You Should Bring Your Parents to Grad! Paul Tonita (3L) Why? You ask. I shall explain this to you in 15 simple points. Do you utterly hate your parents? Would they rather bang their heads against a brick wall than spend any time with you? If you answered “yes” to […]

The Law of the Library

Miss Beehaveeyor (0L)   It’s around this time of year when all law students get stressed out and start to spend more time in the library. Although we blame the SNAILS for much of the outrageous behaviour in the library, the fault is often our own. We should turn the lens back on ourselves and […]