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The Canons Big Book of Course Reviews: 2021-22 Edition

You thought that the Canons team was just sleeping after finals? You think Monica, one of our Editors-in-Chief who’s living in Korea and on a completely different time zone and taking exams at 3:00 AM and also heads up our beautiful layout, was resting after a slew of exams that ended scant days ago? You think Cailey and Victoria, our other EICs, were recuperating from the hamster wheel of the semester?

WRONG! We’re back AGAIN with our last offering of the 2020-21 academic year: our big book of course reviews. Flip through it below to see what U of A law students past and present thought candidly of the courses on offer next year. We’ve done our best to cover every course we could get our hands on a review for, and although there are a few missing either because nobody in the entire school has taken it in the last two years (because it wasn’t offered) or because nobody wanted to give their thoughts on it, we’ve done a solid job of covering over 90% of the courses on offer for 2021-22. Sick, right? We think so too. 

So check it out below if you’re curious what courses you should take, which profs teach in which styles, and tips and tricks for different classes. And may the odds be ever in your favour on course registration day…especially to you soon-to-be 2Ls. 

And have a great summer!!!!!!!!!