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The Canons Ultimate Guide to 1L Recruit

IT’S HERE! By which we mean both the actual recruit itself and this special mini-issue of Canons focused on it are both upon us. Flip through the battle CAN of 1L recruit guides below and learn the low down on everything recruit-related you’ve wanted to talk to upper year students about but been too afraid to ask, including but not limited to:

  • How important is seeing Career Services for application prep? (Short answer: VERY.)
  • What are interviews like?
  • What other non-interview things can I expect from the recruit?
  • How do I figure out which firms I like?
  • How do you give first choice?
  • What should I expect on Call Day?
  • Other general tips and advice it never hurts to hear

And much, much more! So get on in there and out there and on the viLaw Portal if you’re gunning for a 1L summer position. You got this, you rock, you’re so cool, and we know you’ll kill it in those online firm-hosted Zoom social events. 

Canons - Ultimate 1L Recruit Guide