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Daily Archives: October 7th, 2019

Review: Law Show 2019

Karey Rodgers (3L) This year’s Law Show, Neverlaw: The Peter Pan Story, continued the trend of transforming our childhood movies into law-themed theatrical productions. All the basic elements of a typical Law Show production were there, but I can confidently say this year was a stand-out—probably one of the best yet, although I admittedly have […]

Oscars Run-Up

Kaitlynd Hiller (1L) If you’re anything like me, 2018 felt like one of the longest and most confusing years of my life. Think back to all the things that happened last year: the Tide Pod challenge was a thing, Kylie Jenner had a secret baby, there was an Olympics(!), Prince Harry got married, and people […]

Practical Advice for Moot Preparation, Part 2

Taylor Maxston (2L) We are a little over a month into the Winter semester and buzz about the LRW moot is pervasive throughout the Faculty of Law. With preparations underway for each 1L’s opportunity to don the gown and present oral arguments, the focus is beginning to move away from formulating what to argue and […]