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Monthly Archives: December 2018

Reading Weak

Cheyla Lachowsky (2L)    Perhaps like me you came back to class on the Tuesday just after Remembrance Day and felt something was off. The parking lot was just a little bit emptier. Your classes felt a little bit longer. Our isolated little law building was an island of activity in a mostly quiet campus. […]

Sask First Nation Challenges Provincial Jurisdiction over Cannabis

Dylan Robertson (2L) Last month, the Muscowpetung Saulteaux First Nation, located northeast of Regina, became the first Indigenous nation in Canada to pass its own cannabis legislation and open its own dispensary. Claiming a sovereign right to pass laws on its territory, the First Nation argues that it is outside the jurisdiction of the cannabis […]

US Midterm Election Results

Kaitlynd Hiller (1L) The midterms are over, (most of) the results are in, and next month the 116th Congress of the United States will go to work for the people of the Republic. After a bitterly fought battle marked by racist campaign robocalls, accusations of voter suppression and yet another Florida debacle, both sides are […]

Dr. Death: Part 2

Kaitlynd Hiller (1L)  Dr. Christopher Duntsch’s performance as a surgeon raised red flags right out of the gate, but the organizations that he worked for failed to take any action to protect their patients. For example, during his time at Baylor Plano, his patients experienced multiple adverse outcomes – including death. Only after a patient […]

Who Wore It Better: Political Edition

Iain Hill & Dylan Robertson (2Ls) In the increasingly polarised and heated political climate of two different groups of Neo-Liberals, there is one essential question that has gone unanswered. That question: which of the two Canadian political parties sells the best merchandise. Thanks to the efforts of this publication’s investigative team, it is a question […]

Interview with Vice Dean Moin Yahya

Michael Wickson (3L) Because you teach the Foundations course you are one of the faculty members that students are most familiar with. How long have you been with the Faculty of Law here at the University of Alberta? I have been teaching since 2003, so 15 years. What does the Vice Dean do and how […]

Tortes and Torts: Remedy with Brianna Walsh

Robynne Thompson (1L) Tortes and Torts is back for its third edition! Kudos to myself for sticking to something 66.7% longer than I normally do! This month, I met with Brianna Walsh. You may know Bri as Swift Justice’s own 6-foot tall all-star forward. Or as a Criminal SLS badass. But Bri is also the […]