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The Summer Before that 1L Ride

Yiwei Chen (1L)

The summer before embarking on the great adventure of law school [“cough cough”], or a hazy and uncertain path for the future, was eventful. Similar to many 0Ls, I had lots of questions and plans inside my head. Mama said that I’m finally a “big girl” now, all grown up from an undergrad baby to a law school student. Well, the reason I choose law is because my friend dragged me to write the December LSAT with her, when I didn’t even know what it was in August. Hence, it was probably right for me to really plan my summer before that 1L ride as I felt indigent of a strong background with developing arguments and writing. Here, I would like to share with you some of my experiences and what I learnt over the summer of 0L.


Since none of my family members are in law or related fields, I felt as if I was behind and a bit pensive about my future. Therefore, I sought out local lawyers whom I could shadow at work. Seeing that this is quite a difficult method, I had to endure rejections one after the other. Yet those rejections did not taint my resilience; it is a matter of patience and effort that I must simply grind through. I realized that I could conquer the challenges thrust in my way. Finally, I was grateful to be able to shadow a couple lawyers that practice in the field of family law and criminal law.

Lesson 1: never be afraid to reach out and always be open for opportunities.


Reading blogs on “books you should read before law school” or “how to be a straight A student in law school” was nerve racking in some ways. During the summer, I spent some of my time discussing with recent graduates how to study in law school. Advice from other graduates was very helpful.

Lesson 2: make strategic study plans or plans in general. One thing we need to keep in mind is that people have different study habits, so we need to adjust based on our style.


Nowadays, mental health is such a hot topic, but is never over-emphasized. Going to law school is a big decision and things might be different from before. As a grad gift from my parents, I travelled to Germany, Switzerland, and France in the summer! Most of my stay was in France where I got to practice my French. Spending time with family and friends can really help relieve stress!

Lesson 3: Be thankful, enjoy your life, and take care of yourself!

I’m very excited to meet you all and hear your stories ☺