Sonali Khurana, Anisha Karia and Jenna Chamberlain (3L’s)

Part 1

The Adventures of ___________ (you) and __________________ (your Law School BFF)!

On a dark and stormy night, running through the school in search for your Property Law textbook, which you were sure you had left in the ___________ (location)  you came across what was possibly the most __________ (adjective) sight.

In the distance you hear someone yell “Help!” . You _________ (verb) to the rescue. Unfortunately, you were too late, and you find a body on the ___________ (noun).

You __________ (verb) in panic! You weigh your options. You could _________ (verb), you could call ________ (noun), or you could Nancy Drew this sh*t. The choice is obvious. You want to solve this mystery.

Step 1, who died? You get closer to ________(adjective) the body. You get a good look at their face and gasp. It is ________ (your 1L moot partner). You are crushed. Who would dare murder ___________ (your 1L moot partner)? Once the shock has died down, you ________ (adjective?). Your 1L moot didn’t go very well. You were a bit _______ (adjective) after. What if you are being framed? You must solve this mystery and solve it fast.

Step 2, get a buddy. After all, every ________ (noun) needs a  good ________ (noun)! You call ___________ (your law school BFF). You two have been through a lot together. You’ve _______ (verb), laughed, and now you will solve a murder together.

You call up ________ (your law school BFF).”Hello? Yea, you will not believe what happened” you say.

Part 2 (October 2018)

You explain that you found ___________ (your 1L moot partner) dead, and that you think you are being framed. Not surprised, you’re _________ (law school BFF) says ‘well, you did do _________ (defamatory act) to ___________ (non-law BFF) and  __________ (defamatory act) to ___________ (law school rival), and that was just at Carbolic! Regardless, your law school BFF says they will be there _________ (adverb).

Step 3, check out the crime scene. You find __________ (noun) close to the body and remember that you saw someone with it in the Gavel.  You also notice that there is __________ (noun) print in the blood of the victim, and snap a picture (btw, ew). Having made the mistake of using your phone, you open up Instagram – and notice that ___________  (Law School rival) posted a ___________ (adjective) selfie with the victim – and __________ (your Law School BFF)! Gasp! You feel betrayed, but just then  ___________ (your Law School BFF) arrives.

Step 4, make a plan. _________ (your Law School BFF) suggests that you set a trap for ___________ (your Law School rival) because they saw them walking around with a bloody ____________ (noun). You design an elaborate plan to elicit a confession from your rival. As you finalize the details, you both hear a creak.

“What are you two doing?” You both turn around _________ (adverb) and jump.

Part 3 (November 2018)

_________ (Your law school rival) bursts in the room! “Hey guys! What are you doing?!” You and __________ (Law school BFF) nervously look at each other. __________ (your law school rival) peaks around you. “Hey! What is __________ (your 1L moot partner) doing on the floor?” You and _________ (law school BFF) look at each other. “OH MY GOD IS _________ (your 1L moot partner) DEAD?!”

Ugh, ___________ (your law school rival) is so nosy.

“We found _______ (pronoun) this way!” says _________ (your law school BFF), “and we know you did it, you ___________ (adjective) murderer!!”

“What? WTF is wrong with you?” cries _______ (law school rival), “why would you think I’m the __________ (adjective) murderer?!”

“You were with _________ (your 1L moot partner) earlier today, and now _______(pronoun) is DEAD, how do you explain that?” says ________ (your law school BFF).

“You were also with us!” _______ (verb) ________ (your law school rival), “I left you two in the library after our _________ (upper-year required) study group. I had to leave to save the adorable, blind ________ (animal). And I come back to find this?!”

You start to question your loyalties. You did see _______ (your law school BFF) with the ________ (the murder weapon) the other day in the law school. Could _______ (your law school BFF) be framing _______ (your law school rival) for framing you?????

You turn to  ________ (your law school BFF), “How could you?!”

__________ (your law school BFF) turns to you __________ (adverb). “You! You think you are so ________ (adjective)! You and ___________ (your 1L moot partner) should have never won the Dean’s Cup!! It should have been mine!”

“How could you kill _______ (your 1L moot partner)? They also save adorable, blind ______ (animals)?” you say.

“I wasn’t trying to kill ________ (your 1L moot partner). I thought it was YOU who was ________ (adverb) entering The Gavel!” _______ (your law school BFF) confesses.

In the end, you realize you are just extra, turns out _________ (your law school rival) was just really ________ (verb) that one day they ignored you in the bathroom. And it turns out ________ (your law school BFF) was using you for CANs.