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Monthly Archives: November 2018

Horrorscopes – October 2018

Jenna Chamberlain and Sonali Khurana (3Ls) LIBRA (Sept. 24 – Oct. 23): This month is your time to shine. Take a stand and call out the people who have been ruining your life. Tell yourself you’re worth it and go splurge on some Halloween spirit(s). Recommended Halloween Costume: Slutty Ghost SCORPIO (Oct. 24 – Nov. […]

Bearristers Rugby: Alumni Game

Karey Thomson (3L) September 29 was the first game of the season for the Pandas and the Golden Bearristers. Every year the teams call on former Bearristers to take some time away from their busy lives as lawyers and articling students and help initiate the newest players to the sport. The event is a pivotal […]

Edmonton Professional Sports Heating Up in October

Taylor Maxston (2L) To the displeasure of many Edmontonians, the first indicia of looming freezing temperatures reared their ugly heads back in the middle of September. The hope that fall might have a brief stint in Edmonton has looked less and less likely with snowfall and blistering winds arriving a little earlier than most expected. […]

El Hacko Needed El Niño

Cheyla Nichols (2L) If the vaguely Spanish sounding “El Hacko” has you conjuring up images of white sandy beaches and tequila, then the recent Law Golf Tournament probably left you a little disappointed. Even the sand traps ended the day with more snow than sand, but luckily there was no shortage of tequila. The wakeup-call […]

Practical Advice for Managing Law School

Taylor Maxston (2L) Congratulations to the University of Alberta Faculty of Law Class of 2021! Each and every one of you has done the hard work to get here, including writing an extremely intimidating entrance exam in the Law School Admission Test, and going through the tumultuous process of applying to different law schools. Since […]

Why the NDP is Designed to Fail

Dylan Robertson (2L) The New Democratic Party is unique amongst the major political parties of Canada. As of 2018, the NDP is the only party to maintain strict organizational ties between its federal and provincial arms. The establishment of the provincial parties is mandated in Article XII of the NDP’s governing constitution, which states that […]

The Logic Behind the Legislation: Beverage Container Refunds in Alberta

Joe Sellman (3L) Over the summer, I had an empty water bottle and I was trying to decide what I was going to do with it. I obviously wasn’t going to throw it in the garbage, but really the question was: do I try and find a recycling bin, or do I take it home? […]

Foreign Property Investors: The Invaders at the Gates or a Convenient Scapegoat?

Joe Sellman (3L) In August, New Zealand was in the news for passing a law restricting foreigners from buying real estate. In 2016, British Columbia implemented a 15% foreign buyers tax, and there are numerous other jurisdictions that limit property ownership by foreigners. These laws in both BC and New Zealand aim to increase the […]

In Case You Missed It: Former Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin at Alumni Weekend

Karey Thomson (3L) On September 22, the University of Alberta hosted a talk with the Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada. This talk was part of the annual Alumni weekend. Chief Justice McLachlin graduated from the University of Alberta Faculty of Law in 1968. In 2000, she became […]

Tortes and Torts: Poutine with Dylan Robertson

Robynne Thompson (1L) Tortes and Torts. A (hopefully) monthly column devoted to all things food and the conversations that happen over food. Think Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, but less funny. Or Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, but less edgy and cool. Thinking back to my first day of law school, before I knew what the […]