Cheyla Nichols (2L)

golfingcatsIf the vaguely Spanish sounding “El Hacko” has you conjuring up images of white sandy beaches and tequila, then the recent Law Golf Tournament probably left you a little disappointed. Even the sand traps ended the day with more snow than sand, but luckily there was no shortage of tequila. The wakeup-call for the 8am breakfast might have been a bit early for a Saturday morning, but the 9am tee-off was definitely not too early for holiday beverages.

The day started with excitement, complimentary mugs, and a plethora of pastries. We anxiously waited for all teams to get signed in and golf carts to be lined up. Slowly we sauntered out to strap in golf clubs, wipe down seats, and scope out the competition. My team optimistically grabbed a score card, forgot a pencil, and raced to our starting hole. We quickly joined forces with the other team assigned to start with us. Despite our best intentions to dominate the costume portion of the day with big hair, shoulder pads, and blue eyeshadow, neither of our teams were brave enough to follow through. As anyone who grew up ‘Trick or Treating’ in Alberta can tell you: it is hard to design a costume to wear over a parka. I was impressed by the creativity and effort of those who showed up dressed in things like onesies, holiday sweaters, 80’s ski-suits, hockey jerseys, and Oliver-Twist-like chimney sweep attire.

Despite being below par on costumes, my team remained optimistic. Joining two teams together to play “best ball” may sound like a good idea, but the teams who played around us as we took a full hour on our first hole would likely disagree. Fortunately, we had a Bluetooth speaker cranking out what could only be described as “dad music” while playing the most “dad” sport imaginable. We continued to dance, laugh, race carts, and occasionally whack a ball for the better part of the morning. Around noon our speaker died and took our hype music with it. Without the ‘Yacht Rock’ to distract us, we quickly noticed our cold toes, wet hair, and blizzard like conditions. We shamefully headed back to the clubhouse only to find that a lot of our classmates had already arrived.

The course was cleared a little early on account of the weather, and the buses were called to take us to Hudson’s. It’s at this point that I would reminisce about warming up at Hudson’s surrounded by beer, pub food, and good company. I’m sure everyone laughed about the day’s events, and awards were given to the teams who actually remembered a pencil and kept score. Instead, I drove an hour and a half to an animal shelter near my home town. So, I don’t know who won best costume but I now have a new dog! Her name is Lexi; she just learned how to go down the stairs, and was the best dog of the day (don’t tell my other dog).