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Monthly Archives: November 2018

The Complete Murder Mystery

Sonali Khurana, Anisha Karia and Jenna Chamberlain (3L’s) Part 1 The Adventures of ___________ (you) and __________________ (your Law School BFF)! On a dark and stormy night, running through the school in search for your Property Law textbook, which you were sure you had left in the ___________ (location)  you came across what was possibly […]

Tortes and Torts: Ramen with Tuna Uygun

Robynne Thompson (1L) It’s that time of year. Middle-of-term fatigue is setting in. Colds and flus abound. Winter is…approaching. Is there a better way to combat the futility of the season than with a piping hot bowl of ramen? Ramen has a complex history. It was originally an import to Japan from China. At different […]

Canadian Women Qualify for 2019 FIFA World Cup

Taylor Maxston (2L) Fans of female soccer undoubtedly had their eyes glued to the Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) Women’s Championship tournament in October. With opportunities to qualify for the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup for the top-three finishers, the stakes could not have been any higher for the eight […]

A Primer to the Grey Cup Festival

Dylan Robertson (2L) Later this month, Edmonton will play host to the 106th Grey Cup. The game – which will take place on Sunday, November 25th and will almost certainly be won by the Saskatchewan Roughriders, otherwise the league is fixed and I hate this game – will be preceded by the Grey Cup Festival, […]

Dr. Death: Part One

Kaitlynd Hiller (1L) My sister loves murder podcasts. Last weekend she flew to Vancouver just to see a live taping of a “My Favourite Murder” episode. She was so overwhelmed to be in the presence of her “moms” that I believe her exact tweet was: “I will be breathing in the same air and silent […]

Joint Submissions

Cheyla Lachowsky (2L) The build-up to Canadian cannabis legalization has been big, and it’s finally here. After six months of convincing himself that it’s not a gateway drug to a heroin addiction, my husband agreed to try the marijuana with me. Up to this point, my only experience smoking anything was a pretentious cigar at […]

Practical Advice for Doing Legal Research

Taylor Maxston (2L) Ah, the Legal Research and Writing memorandum assignment… a source of anxiety and excitement for first-year law students as they prepare to go through the rite of passage that is the moot trial at the Supreme Moot Court of the University of Alberta. It can’t be understated that your case will only […]

Horoscopes – November 2018

Jenna Chamberlain, Sonali Khurana, and Anisha Karia (3Ls) SCORPIO (Oct. 24 – Nov. 22): Your birthday month will bring a fun, excitement filled month where many of your close relationships will surprise you! Channel your energy to send express what you want, when you want it and why. Write that sh*t down. Hand it out. […]

University Reports Strange Increase in Cowboy Hats

Dylan Robertson (2L) Halloween might be over, but the University of Alberta has been dealing with a strange phenomenon of students continuing to dress up as cowboys. Since October 26th, Campus Security has received several reports from concerned students of the strange, Calgarian-like people on campus. The sight of just one student wearing a cowboy […]

Interview with Dr. Jennifer Raso

Alec McIlwraith-Black (2L) Can you tell us a bit about your background in law before you came to the U of A? I studied law at McGill and the University of Victoria. After graduating from law school, I practiced with the City of Toronto legal services division, doing a number of different things, including human […]