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Babies make the Best Study Partners

Michael Wickson (3L)


I had heard that babies could be distracting. People told me they require lots of attention and that law school with a baby would be very challenging. However, since my daughter was born last November, I have come to realize that she is actually an excellent study partner.


You’ll be able to stay awake longer.  Try as you might, a baby’s schedule will be driven by the size of her stomach. If you need to cram for an exam or work on a paper, a young baby will force you to stay awake while providing short periods for energetic studying as they nap between feedings.


They’re always interested in your favourite topic.  Whatever you are focussed on, the baby will be focus on as well. Whether it is your phone, computer, or your Criminal Law textbook your baby will want to know what you are looking at … and probably try to put it in her mouth … relentlessly.


They will let you know when to change subjects.  Reading out loud can be a great way to bond with your baby, although she will not hesitate to inform you of when to try a different subject.  International Criminal and Advanced Criminal Law readings were met with intrigue and enthusiasm, but Evidence and Corporations quickly led to inconsolable bawling. Concentrating on the subjects that reduce crying is a good plan for anyone.


You’ll have less studying to do.  You have likely experienced how a meeting will expand to fill the time allotted. Studying in law school follows the same principle. The more time you have, the more time you’ll spend studying some concept that you already understand. By consuming every waking moment and shrinking the time available for studying, your baby will alleviate the requirement to invest hours upon hours reading, CAN-ing, and generally wasting time.  Besides, everyone gets a “B” anyway.