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Monthly Archives: September 2018

“L” Word of the Month

The NFL may have snubbed the letter “L” a few years ago at Super Bowl 50, but we at Canons are more open-minded. The letter “L” has given us such wonderful words as loquacious, lackluster, and left (a supremely versatile word).   As this is our 50th volume, spanning 50 years as part of the […]

Edmonton Eskimos Fighting for Chance to Play in Grey Cup on Home Turf

Taylor Maxston (2L)   It has been just over eight years since Edmonton was the host city for the most prestigious game in Canadian football and the pressure is mounting for the hometown team to be competing in it. After losing in the 2017 West Division final due in large part to a questionable play […]

The World Cup is Coming to Canada!

Taylor Maxston (2L)   The tension could be cut with a knife as the FIFA Congress in Moscow was slated to announce who would host the 2026 World Cup. One of the strongest contenders was the “United Bid,” comprised of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. In what ended up being a brilliant strategy, the […]

Can a Young Edmonton Oilers Squad Pave a Way to the Playoffs in 2018?

Taylor Maxston (2L)   It seems like a distant memory when hockey analysts and fans were talking about the resurgence of the Edmonton Oilers after a solid run in the 2016 playoffs that ended an 11-year postseason drought. After defeating the San Jose Sharks in the first round with a 3-1 win in Game 6, […]

I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger (in 1L)

Welcome class of 2021! Law school is a lot to take in- and very quickly. Two years ago, when I was in your (metaphorical) shoes, FOMO (fear of missing out) lingered over me due to the plethora of activities to choose from. So, to save you the mental anguish of FOMO when deciding how to […]

Take Care of Your Mental Health

Dylan Robertson (2L)   As you go through Orientation and Foundations, you are going to be told several things that you’d do well to remember in your first year. First off, you will learn your professor’s names, which most upper years will tell you are useful moving forward. You will learn who you need to […]

Student Legal Services 2018/2019

Dear 1Ls,   Welcome to the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Law. I’m sure you’ve heard that a dozen times or so already, but that’s only because your being here is worth multiple congratulations. Get used to reading/hearing it, and enjoy the novelty while it lasts.   You either already know, or will quickly learn, […]

Chris Samuel: The New Legal Research and Writing Program Director in his Own Words

Joe Sellman (3L)   Legal Research and Writing (LRW) are two of the most important skills that a lawyer can have. The LRW program is the first year class that takes us all from seriously confused and lost individuals, to some varying degree of less confused and less lost- at least in relation to LRW. […]

Babies make the Best Study Partners

Michael Wickson (3L)   I had heard that babies could be distracting. People told me they require lots of attention and that law school with a baby would be very challenging. However, since my daughter was born last November, I have come to realize that she is actually an excellent study partner.   You’ll be […]