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LAW SHOW 2018: Monsters, LLP

Joe Byram (2L)


Law Show is back and scarier than ever!

In Law Show’s 3rd annual 20th anniversary edition, Monsters, LLP explores the pressures faced by the modern articling student through the single contact lens of Mike Lawzowski (Scott Richardson) and his pal, James D. (JD) Sullawvin (Dan Witten), two promising young associates at the most terrifying prestigious firm this side of the Arctic Circle!

While the pair sets out with the best of intentions—which, like any good lawyer, is self-centered career advancement—they face stiff opposition from the perfectly evil Randall (Taylor Thiesen) and his clueless sidekick Fungus (Jesse Chisholm). This healthy and perfectly sustainable intra-firm competition is challenged by the disgustingly optimistic and sharp-witted Boo (Emma-Lee Kramer). This pre-law keener loves the law library and social justice, as well as finding the right “fit”. Her ambitious entry into the world of law causes all kinds of ill-symptoms in the legal community (such as modesty, self-reflection, and morality!).

The story of these young lawyers and their over-caffeinated articling students takes the audience from the safety and coziness of Jasper Avenue and the architectural wonder of the Court of Queen’s Bench, through gorgeous geography of the open air of Northern Saskatchewan. Their journey is one to which all people—legally superior or not—can relate, and challenges what it means to be a monster.

This year’s show features a script laden with standard law school puns, and brought to life by a lovable and supremely awful cast of innocent 1Ls, coerced into participation by Co-Executive Directors Robert “not-my-president” Marquette and Beth “the-real-Alice” Warcholak.

Monsters, LLP hits the stage February 2nd and 3rd at 7pm. Tickets will be available through Ticketfly in mid-January. You will be harassed with the link over Facebook once tickets go on sale. The cost is $20 in advance, and $25 at the door. All proceeds with go to the very important WIN House, a local organization that provides shelter and services to women and children fleeing domestic violence.

See you in the audience!