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Stranger Things v. Riverdale

Warning: Season One Spoilers

Why you should be more excited about Stranger Things:

By Jenna Chamberlain (the type of person who says “you HAVEN’T seen [enter critically acclaimed film from 50 years ago]?”)

First things first, I can’t wait for season two of Riverdale. I want to see Jughead join a gang, to fangirl over Veronica (Camila Mendes is so cool), and to watch Cheryl Blossom destroy an entire town. But I also know that Riverdale is actual garbage. It’s beautiful, addicting trash.

The real problem with a show like Riverdale is that the first season lures you in – everyone becomes hooked by the drama, intrigue and stunning outfits. However, season two will inevitably fall into shambles, just like so many teen dramas. Season one was a roller-coaster of emotion. Couples formed and broke up. People were shot, beat up and threatened. There were pregnancies and drug busts. If Riverdale plans to live up to that level of drama, they will have to up the ante. This will turn the show into a Grey’s-Anatomy-after-Sandra-Oh-left soap opera, and I will become annoyed and disappointed.

Stranger Things, however, is a masterpiece. The first season was not created, it was crafted. Not only did the events of season one captivate and intrigue everyone who watched, but they also perfectly set up a season two. Everything that happened (other than a mini “epilogue-style” ending) occurred within one week. And in that week, it wasn’t just characters who were introduced, but an entire world. Season one was like Star Wars: A New Hope – an entire story, beginning to end, but only the tip of an iceberg of stories. When one season of a show creates more questions than it answers, you know the next season will be amazing. And just like The Empire Strikes Back, I can’t wait to be impressed.

You can decide what you will be watching this October, but keep in mind that Stranger Things season two will be released all in one day – perfect for Halloween binging. Riverdale will come out one episode at a time, forcing you to wait for a whole week to see what stupid thing Archie does next.

Stranger Things: Season two will be released on Netflix, October 27


Why you should be more excited about Riverdale:

By Sonali Khurana (currently binging Grey’s Anatomy and not sorry about it)

First things first, I find this review difficult to write because I have not seen Stranger Things, and I only recently learned that, despite its child-filled cast, it isn’t a children’s show.

At first glance, Stranger Things appears to do a fine job of capturing the fundamental experiences of boyhood, and the thrill of a mystery. It captures every 80’s kid’s fervent dream of fighting pure evil with the lethal weapon that is a bicycle, but unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for the general audience sentiment to become ‘wait … so they just bike around?’ and for the realization to dawn that this is the elementary, male version of Pretty Little Liars, which nobody needs.

Riverdale, with its authentic soul-searching, murder, love and eeriness is the real soul food that your exhausted mind needs. Season two will include Jughead Jones eating burgers with Serpents, instead of the Riverdale Bulldogs, and we may finally get to meet the ominous Hiram Lodge! Could this be the man responsible for all of the murders and dim lighting? The Jason Blossom mystery may have simmered down, but there are plenty of questions left unanswered.

Riverdale will take you for a wild ride in your favourite childhood comic, but throw in some drugs, maybe a teenage witch, and the occasional gunshot wound — exactly what you need on a Friday! Oh, and word is that Andrews is going to be channeling a batman-esque alter ego to compensate for what might be lacking academically … but watch out Archie-kins, this probably won’t make big bad Papa Lodge too happy! With all of the new underdogs, secrets, and Serpents running around let’s hope you’ll survive this season. There’s only one way to find out.

Riverdale: Airing on the CW, October 11, and on Netflix, October 12