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Interview with a Trump Supporter

Aizlynn Regan (NCA)

A Donald Trump supporter. You might be friends with one. You might be related to one. You might even have the unfortunate circumstances of, like me, being married to one. As you can imagine, “for better or for worse” has taken on a whole new meaning, and far too many deep discussions on American politics have ensued at our dinner table as of late.

Out of love for the man, I am inevitably curious how a person that I so highly respect could hold such different views from myself. Naturally, I recently asked him some serious questions in an attempt to ‘get it’. This is a snapshot of our conversation:

What initially prompted your interest in Trump?

President Trump was unlike any other politician I can remember. He talked about topics that are important to everyday people, addressing matters that most other politicians would avoid. Topics such as immigration. Having eleven million undocumented individuals living in your country is a huge problem when it comes to the economy and healthcare. Something had to be said even if certain people felt uncomfortable about it. Perhaps his rhetoric was too gruff for some but it was the points he made that were important, not the language that matters for me.

Do you think Trump can ‘fix’ the US government as he so claims?

Although the President has every intention of “draining the swamp” and turning government into a smaller, less intrusive institution, the forces that maintain the status quo in Washington view him as a threat. These people include many Republicans as well as Democrats. The majority of Washington elite and lawmakers stuff their pockets with money from donors and special interest groups making way for those groups to hold powerful positions, while undoubtedly not having the best interests of the ‘Johns’ or ‘Janes’ of the middle class at heart. Evidently, I think that the US government, being the machine that it is, may prove to be too difficult and hostile for the President to fulfil his goal of giving power back to the people and restoring faith in the institution that governs them.

Do you think his recent comments levelled against the NFL are acceptable?

President Trump’s ability to use mainstream media has been a powerful tool and its effectiveness is unquestionable. I will admit that though Trump has won many battles via his twitter feed he has also lost many. When it comes to the NFL tweets, it’s a fumble. As an avid sports fan, I prefer to keep politics and sports separate. For many, sports are an escape from things such as politics and normal life. Although I agree with the right to protest I don’t agree with the players using the platform to display their personal political beliefs. Likewise, I don’t believe the President should be worried with this either. Plain and simple keep politics out of sports.

What are your thoughts on Trump’s recent UN address specifically regarding North Korea?

After the last eight years we have become used to fair-weather rhetoric and compromises from the most powerful country on earth. Donald Trump’s hard stance on North Korea is refreshing and in keeping up with how the US historically dealt with foreign threats towards both themselves and their allies. Although tough, Trump’s speech to the UN included the need for diplomacy, sanctions and the cooperation as well as inclusion of all other nations to help put an end to the ongoing tensions. I find this much more reassuring than paying North Korea off with $400 million on false promises to end their nuclear program, like the previous administration did with Iran. Or as the Clinton administration did with North Korea in the 90’s…

Well, there you have it folks – a look into the views of a Canadian who also happens to support Trump. Though I do not agree with his views, I do respect that he has formed such an opinion based on information and the values he holds, and not from the hype that is ‘Trump’. While I am quick to judge, I admire him for sticking to his political beliefs no matter how much criticism he comes under. Life lesson: political views, no matter how scary and uncomfortable they may make us feel, should be considered because this is the mark of a truly free society.