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Daily Archives: October 17th, 2017

Interview with a Trump Supporter

Aizlynn Regan (NCA) A Donald Trump supporter. You might be friends with one. You might be related to one. You might even have the unfortunate circumstances of, like me, being married to one. As you can imagine, “for better or for worse” has taken on a whole new meaning, and far too many deep discussions […]

Freeman on the Land: Paper Terrorists or Paper Tigers?

Michael Wickson (2L) There is a bizarre surge in legal activity that has been taking place over the past several years in Western Canada. This is the volume of people claiming to be “private persons,” “natural persons,” “sovereign citizens,” or “freeman on the land.” They claim to fall outside the jurisdiction of the government as […]

Google: An Unfriendly Face

Iain Hill (1L) Google’s presence in society is palpable. “Google” and “googling” as verbs have permeated the common parlance, and the tech giant is one of the most widespread and discussed companies in the world today. Google markets themselves as a helpful, progressive, friendly entity—youthful and in tune with the values of the day. The […]

No Surrender in the War for a New Arena in Calgary

Pascal Visentin (2L) The Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation (CSEC, which owns the Calgary Flames), recently released details of their funding proposal for a new arena. The City of Calgary had previously released their own proposal on the heels of Ken King (President of CSEC) making a surprise announcement that CSEC was no longer seeking […]

Violence on Campus

Iain Hill (1L) With the coming of September, cold weather, and the start of fall semester came some rather unsavoury news. For the first time, the University of Alberta released a report (quietly tucked away in their annual Student Conduct & Accountability Statistical Report) documenting the numbers of recorded incidents of sexual assault or sexual […]

El Hacko: Clever Costumes and a Mystery

Holly Spurrell (1L) One of the only things that has the potential to improve an already incredible day of golfing with friends, old and new, is the addition of costumes. The costumes donned by the participants of the annual “El Hacko” golf tournament serve as a manifestation of the creativity, craftiness, and humour of my […]

Laws, huh, what are they good for? Absolutely Nothing!

Joe Sellman (2L) Anarchy is not a synonym for chaos. Chaos is disorder and confusion. Anarchy is the absence of order, or more specifically, anarchy is a political theory that rejects either the need for or the legitimacy of the state.  Many people conflate the two and I believe this comes from the assumption that […]