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Dear Class of 2020,

Let me begin by congratulating you all on having one of the greatest graduating years since the palindrome class of 1991. Count me among the envious! On behalf of the Law Students’ Association (LSA) and the rest of the student body here at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law, I am thrilled to welcome you to our family.

The LSA executive team acts as your representatives to the faculty administration, the Students’ Union, and the greater legal community. We coordinate a wide variety of academic, athletic, social, and extracurricular events and programs throughout the academic year; so be sure to look out for updates throughout the year. I invite you to reach out to anyone on the LSA executive team if you have questions, comments, concerns, or would simply like to chat; we are here for you! You can find contact information for all executive members in the materials sent to you in August, or stop by the office during office hours. If the idea of planning exciting events and tirelessly representing your fellow students interests you, we invite you to join our team by running as a candidate in the upcoming 1L elections for both the LSA and student articling committee at the end of September.

In closing, I want to make two recommendations as you begin your own law school journey.

First, as my predecessor, Nick Todd, told the Class of 2019: “Do one thing in law school you would not have done in undergrad.” Get involved in the extracurricular activities the Faculty offers; be it athletically, socially, academically, or theatrically. From Law Show to rugby, Student Legal Services to the Indigenous Law Students’ Association and everything in between, the Faculty has something for everyone. Get outside your comfort zone. You might just find a hidden passion.

Second, make the most of your time here. The friends you make in law school will become your colleagues in practice, your partners, and your support system. Your classes are a chance to see the law developing at the cutting edge while learning from leaders in the field.

Lastly, the extracurricular activities (I cannot stress this enough) are as much a part of the law school experience as Hello My Friend Café and the readings (CANs). Law school moves pretty fast, and if you don’t take the time to seize the opportunities during your time here, they may not come again. So, make the most of it and enjoy the ride!

Once again, welcome to the Faculty of Law! We cannot wait to see you roaming the halls, attending events, and becoming an invaluable part of the U of A Law!


See you in the Gavel,

Rob Marquette

LSA President