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Review of 1L

Jenna Chamberlain (1L), Sonali Khurana (1L), Anisha Karia (1L)

This is a review of our first year of law school as expressed through our feelings throughout the year. We are three different personalities who had three very different experiences.


Jenna: Loves school. Loves studying. Loves exams. Went to every single class and loved them all. But, is basically allergic to alcohol and hates all bars.

Sonali: Slightly shy. Slightly intense. Slightly excited. Slightly nervous. Mostly tired. Mostly hungry.

Anisha: Everything is political. Likes school, but is critical ‘of the institution’. Went to some classes and regretted even those. Is sure being admitted into law was an accident, strong believer in faking it until making it.


Jenna: Oh ok, I get it, people drink a lot…. Cool….



Jenna: This is the first day of the rest of my life. Law school is going to be amazing. I just want to start all my classes and study and learn!

P.S. Isn’t the average age here 25? Why is there so much drinking?


Sonali: So excited to join all the clubs – gotta get my SLS application in on time, can’t miss an opportunity to fight for justice. Law Show seems like such a low and fun commitment, can’t wait to be part of this renowned production.


Anisha: Oh my god I’m freaking out. What am I even doing here. Crap, these people actually look smart!! Okay Anisha, you can actually do this.

P.S. Damn, look at all the food! Now, how to eat this all without spilling on myself.

Fall Reading Week

Jenna: Wow Rutherford library is so quiet! I can sit anywhere I want. This isn’t so bad.


Sonali: Don’t think I can ever eat Domino’s again. If you’re going to make us come to class during reading week at least do Pizza 73.


Anisha: Where the heck is everyone? I still have class… is something happening? Not an apocalypse, because lord knows I’d be the first to go…

P.S. Oh, Jenna just told me it’s reading week for the rest of the school. You know who could use a reading week?? Me. Now I’m just resentful. Also if I see another pizza….


Jenna: No, I don’t want to have a beer at Devaney’s after I hand in my memo.

Sonali: I’ve gone to Court 4 times for adjournments for the same file. This is bad faith.

Anisha: Oh god, I don’t know what I’m doing. Every time I talk to someone I’m convinced my memo is wrong. This was a mistake. I can’t do this. I’m going to return home a failure! My mother will never leave me alone about getting married now!

Professor Midterm Pep Talk

Jenna: [Before getting marks] I’m a straight A student, it’ll be fine.

[After getting marks] Wow, I’m actually kind of smart! I knew I was meant to be in law school.


Sonali: [Before getting marks] I know everyone is saying to expect B’s but I actually think I’m ready to be that student who gets an A.

[After getting marks] **IMPOSTER SYNDROME**


Anisha: [Before getting marks] Honestly, I’m so impressed with this school and the way they always talk to us about taking care of ourselves, not being too hard on ourselves, and how this degree and our marks don’t define us. I’m so glad this is the school I chose.

[After getting Marks] Ooooohhhhhhhhh …… I get it … After the numerous pep talks I know this isn’t supposed to define us, but I’m just going to go lay down in this bottomless pit of despair …. Brb.

Law show

Jenna: So glad I’m not in Law Show so I didn’t have to leave my house Sundays. Sundays are for studying only.

P.S. Why did everyone drink the FIRST night? They’re all grumpy and hungover. I don’t understand.

Sonali: Law Show has taken over my life. If I hear one more joke about law school renovations I’ll cry. **Shoutout to Stefan for being the best band director**

Anisha: SO many law jokes…. For four hours. Oooooo! Look at Sonali sitting at the keyboard!!! YOU GO GIRL!! And damn, there’s a cello! It’s probably best that I didn’t sign up for this, I’m barely making it through as it is. Also, stage fright.. the fun!


Jenna: It’s like a real little court room with real little lawyers in real little robes. This is so fun!

Sonali: Went in in good faith. Came out with no faith.

Anisha: I don’t even care anymore. This program has sucked the soul out my body through my nose. I’m a mummified version of my old self. Whatever happens, happens.

End of the year

Anisha [Sitting on the plane home]: I am so grateful for the support I had from my friends and family and so proud that I made it through! This has been the most enriching year of my life! I cannot begin to express how overcome with emotion I am! What an amazing experience!