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Review: Netflix’s RIVERDALE

By Sonali Khurana (1L)

This is not Riverdale. This is a world where Archie is a bigger jock than Moose, Veronica is poor, and Jughead likes Betty more than burgers.

I watched the show just to see how badly they messed up the characters – by far, the 23-year-old Ms. Grundy with the cougar-complex was the best mistake. I enjoyed pointing out everything that was wrong – how could you have a show about Archie Comics but not include the infamous love triangle?!  Also why is a brunette dude with no freckles playing Archie?

By the time I got to the third episode, I wasn’t even thinking about the characters anymore because WHAT THE HELL WAS HAPPENING?! This was way more than a messed up comical storyline, and it was SUH GOOD. The dysfunctional characters totally worked. They tapped into all too familiar feelings of promise, disappointment and soul-searching among bags of dollah billz, creepy families and gang threats. Oh, and it all started with a murder.

For some, Riverdale may be an acquired taste. But you’ll definitely acquire it after 24 minutes. And the fact that Cole Sprouse from the Suite Life is Jughead will speed that up. The perverse melodrama will make this show your new guilty pleasure as it digs into illusions of contemporary social culture, and makes you really really want to know who shot Jason Blossom point blank in the face…and did they even mean to? Or did they mistake this red head for Archie? Was it his twin? An enemy? Was it you?!?

Each episode unpacks so many more questions than it answers, and it’s addicting. The best part about this show is that it incorporates literally every character possible: Josie & The Pussycats, Sabrina the Teenage Witch – you name it! You’re going to want to be watching this one because whatever you look for in TV shows, you’ll definitely find it in this little town called Riverdale.