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Monthly Archives: March 2017

You’re An Idiot (Just Like Me)

Spencer Morrison (2L) You’re an idiot. I know it, your friends know it — everyone knows it. It’s all anyone talks about (behind your back, naturally). And deep down, you know it too. But you’re in good company. I’m an idiot too. Every one of us has intellectual blind spots, or gaping holes in our knowledge that […]

This Day in History: The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

Jenna Chamberlain (1L) and Anisha Karia (1L) The mafia has always been a source of fascination for me; in particular, the rise of the mafia at the time of prohibition. A time where one law spurred more corruption and mayhem than alcohol ever could. A couple of years ago, on a trip to Las Vegas, […]

Oilers Fans Optimistic as Playoffs Draw Nearer

Patrick Coones (2L) Well, here we are, the second week of February and the only thing that seems more unlikely then a 28-3 third quarter Super Bowl comeback is competitive hockey in Edmonton. Yet, like Tom Brady’s astonishing playoff performance, the Oilers seem steadfast on making their first playoff appearance in over a decade. In […]

Alice in Wonderlaw a Successful Conclusion to Law Show’s Three Year Partnership with YESS

Hailee Barber (3L) My colleague’s tongue in cheek assessment aside, this year’s Law Show Alice in Wonderlaw was a great success.  The show presented us with one of the most original scripts in recent law show memory while also seeing the final installment of Law Show’s three year partnership with Youth Empowerment & Support Services […]

When Good Things Happen To Bad People: A Highly Biased Look at Super Bowl LI

Kyle Procee (2L) A lot has been said about Super Bowl LI. It has been called the greatest comeback in sports history, proof that the Patriots’ quarterback and official BFF to the President of the United States Tom Brady is the Greatest of All Time (if you can conveniently ignore all of those pesky cheating […]

A Completely Objective Non-Bitter Review of My Love Life in Cinematic Context

by Hailee Barber (3L) Although a bit late for Valentine’s Day I’ve decided to reflect on my own romantic history and the ways that some of my favourite movies have influenced those experiences.  Devoted readers of my Canons articles (Hi Mom! Hi Dad!) will recall that last year I penned a cheery piece entitled “The […]