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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Video Game Empires: Pokémon and Civilization

Ryan Ackerman (3L) How do you build a video game empire, selling millions of copies effortlessly each time a new installment is released? If you asked Firaxis and Game Freak, the developers of Civilization and Pokémon, respectively, they would probably tell you to make essentially the same game every few years, slap a new number […]

The Appeal of Minimalism

Hailee Barber (3L) Make it simple, but significant –Don Draper, Mad Men Over the holidays my mom told me that she’d recently watched a documentary on Netflix called Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things. The concept was something I’d come across a few times on Pinterest, so I had a basic understanding that minimalism […]

Book Review – Tort Law: Cases and Materials, 4th Edition

Author: Ernest J. Weinrib Publisher: Edmond Montgomery Publications, 2014, 792 pages Reviewed By: Michael Wickson (1L) The fourth edition of Tort Law is a wondrous collection of enlightening tales that is sure to entertain all readers. It is the latest in a long line of excellent publications, and it more than lives up to its […]

Procrastination Recommendations (aka, Binge-Watching Recommendations)

Karsten Erzinger (3L) We all do it. We get home from school tired and hungry, so we throw some leftovers into the microwave and sit down in front of the TV and promise ourselves “just one episode, after that I’ll be done eating and we’ll get back to work.” Except that inevitably never happens, and […]

Alice in Wonderlaw Comes to the Myer Horowitz, Feb 3-4

Tyler McDonough (3L) It’s almost February. Frigid temperatures are complimented by fleeting daylight. The holiday season is long over. New Year’s resolutions have been abandoned. We’re alone in the cold, dark Edmonton winter contemplating the poor decisions we made over Ski Trip and thinking about all the work we put off in January. We fought […]