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Liberal Canada’s Back: Justin’s Spending Spree


It has only been one year since Justin Trudeau was elected and the Liberals are back to their old ways. When they left office in 2006 they were riddled with expense scandals, and to no ones’ surprise, they are again being “liberal” with our money. Here are a few examples (there are many, many more).

The Liberal MPs are at it again. Catherine McKenna (our oh-so-informed Environment Minister) spent $6 662 on a photojournalist to document her time at the Paris Climate Change conference (on top of the $1 million it cost for Canada to attend in the first place). A quick look at this article’s accompanying photo shows that “professional photojournalism” in France is about as bad as mainstream media journalism back home. Keep in mind that this expense was in addition to the 24 people McKenna employs to write her tweets and take her pictures.

In addition, Health Minister Jane Philpott used $3 815 of taxpayer money to ride around in a limousine, including $1 700 for just one day. Naturally, the limo company was owned by one of her former campaign volunteers. Even Philpott herself characterized the prices of these services as “too high” and “inappropriate” after the public was made aware that these rides were far above market value (even for a limousine it was high). I can’t remember, was this before or after she promised to repay the $520 she billed taxpayers to use Air Canada’s executive airport lounges? To quote another corrupt politician: “what difference, at this point, does it make?”

Aside from the flat-out abuse of government expense accounts, relocating expenses claimed by some of the Liberals’ Chiefs of Staff came in at astronomical values—$119 825, $103 997, $126 669, and $80 382. Luckily for us, some of those people have ever-so graciously agreed to PARTIALLY reimburse us poor plebeians for their moving vans (only after they were shamed publicly, by the truth). It reminds me of something that happened to the Conservatives in their last year of power (minus the crocodile tears shed over corruption). Hypocrisy?

Moving expenses aren’t the only travel on the public dime, however. In-flight food and drinks costs per person reached $1 309 (to Turkey and back), $1 312 (to Malta, Paris, London, and back), and $41 (to Washington D.C.—an 80-minute flight). How can someone eat that much on a plane? Who even eats on planes? Maybe it wasn’t food, maybe the costs have something to do with the 39 bottles of wine they bought (on just one short flight).

The Liberals are always hungry. They threw a dinner for the Mexican president that cost $132 904.85 (~$11 000 was spent on booze alone) at Casa Loma for 264 people. That’s $503 per person. I hope it was yummy. At this rate, they’ll need the carbon tax to pay for their dinners (shame it won’t do jack to lower atmospheric carbon levels). Heck, they might even need that $2.65 billion Trudeau promised (without consultation) to help developing countries fight climate change over the next five years.

Speaking of taxes, while they have yet to be raised according to campaign promise levels, that hasn’t stopped the Liberals from increasing their “modest deficit” from $30 billion over the next 3 years to upwards to $30 billion in the first year. The Liberals now estimate that their deficit will be $70 billion over the next three years. This is unsurprising, given that the Federal government spent just $9 billion in one month (March 2016). Who knows how fast they can spend. Funny how our economy is still slowing, according to the Bank of Canada, even with the massive debt we are currently incurring. But don’t worry, they’re planning on ramping it up—they’re already breaking their promise to balance the budget by the next election.

 But they didn’t break all their promises. They did increase the CBC’s budget by $675 million. Considering the CBC employs 50% of journalists in Canada I’m surprised they need the extra funds. Also, I read somewhere that “liberals” were against monopolies, I guess these are a different kind of liberal.
But can we really blame the MPs for spending extravagant amounts? They are just following their head honcho’s lead. His first action in office was to hire two nannies to help with his child rearing. Ironic coming from a guy who raged against government help for wealthy families when he was an MP. He is the definition of wealthy. I guess it’s more “do as I say, not as I do.” Oh, and did you know that Trudeau has taken monthly vacations ever since he took office. Sometimes he brings his entire extended family as well (like his first visit to Washington to meet the Obamas).

“Modest deficit” they said. “Canada’s back!” they said. Well, Canada’s back alright: corrupt Canada. Bankrupt Canada. Liberal Canada.