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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Response to Concerns Regarding the November issue of Canons

RESPONSE from Aaron Duong I’m writing this statement as a general response to an article I wrote in last month’s issue of Canons of Construction. The piece that I wrote was intended to be satirical. It wasn’t about anyone in particular and I had no intention for it to be read in that light. Someone […]

So I Tried to Marry a Doctor: Can Law and Med Ever Really Mix?

Kyle Procee (2L) It’s that time of the year once again, when all of the best and brightest of the University of Alberta’s shining beacons of academia get together to either commiserate or celebrate the wonders of higher education, and also there were nurses this time…. That’s right a hazy number of Fridays ago the […]

UK’s Mass-Surveillance Legislation Illegal: UK to Expand Mass-Surveillance Legislation

Maxwell Jenkins (1L) The UK-based Investigative Power Tribunal has recently ruled that the state run Government Surveillance Headquarters (GCHQ), M15, and M16 has been illegally collecting data via Bulk Communications Data (BCD) and Bulk Personal Data (BPD) programs. Bulk Communications Data refers to the tracking online activity on a national scale: the what, when, and […]

Montreal’s Pit Bull Ban: Education, Not Euthanasia the Key

Michael Wickson (1L) In September, Montreal’s City Council passed a bylaw banning Pit Bulls.   This breed-specific legislation (BSL) followed in the wake of an incident that resulted in the death of a woman earlier in the summer.  Although the incident is truly tragic, the adoption of BSL is not a suitable response.  The bylaw forbids […]

Liberal Canada’s Back: Justin’s Spending Spree

Anonymous It has only been one year since Justin Trudeau was elected and the Liberals are back to their old ways. When they left office in 2006 they were riddled with expense scandals, and to no ones’ surprise, they are again being “liberal” with our money. Here are a few examples (there are many, many […]

BC’s Education Minister Fires Vancouver School Board

Christopher Gallardo-Ganaban (1L) On October 17, 2016, British Columbia’s Education Minister Mike Bernier appointed former Delta, B.C. school district superintendent, Dianne Turner, as the official trustee for the Vancouver school district, replacing the board of nine trustees known as the Vancouver School Board. “The Vancouver school board has been dismissed for failing to comply with […]

Battle for Brexit: A Thoroughly Constitutional Issue

Megan Schaub (3L) & Joe Sellman (1L) A Brief Brexit Background In the United Kingdom’s 2015 election, the Conservative Party led by David Cameron won 331 out of 650 seats—a slim Parliamentary majority. This result was achieved with an even less impressive ~37% of votes. The legitimacy of this thin majority is further undermined by […]

Pandemonium for the Pandas

Katie Hagan (1L) On a snowy October morning, 19 unsuspecting female law students boarded a bus to Kamloops to compete in the Western Canadian Law Rugby Tournament. Little did they know, 10 hours of bus-riding and a few rugby games later, they would get to take another 10-hour bus ride home, but this time as CHAMPIONS. The […]

Golden Bearristers: Down but Never Out

Patrick Coones (2L) First of all, I think I speak for all the guys on the Golden Bearristers, when I say congrats to the 2016 Western Canadian Champion Panda Bearristers who really put on a strong showing in Kamloops. Unfortunately, the Golden Bearristers walked away from the weekend with nothing but the honor of having […]

Fantasy Football Success at the Trade Deadline

Pascal Visentin(1L) In most leagues, November signifies the approach of trade deadlines and what will likely be your last chance to make substantive improvements to your roster before the playoffs. If you sit atop your league’s standings, congratulations! Few obstacles remain to obstruct your path to victory and the ensuing rush of fulfilment may just […]