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Trump v Clinton

PRO Clinton – Clinton for POTUS


If I was feeling lazy, I could simply post a photo of Donald Trump and let that stand as an argument in support of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president. This has truly been one of the strangest, most baffling political battles to have occurred in my lifetime and while to some, the reasons why one should support Hillary are obvious – they are not for all.

It is far from hyperbole to say that Hillary Clinton has been working towards becoming President her entire life. She is one of the most experienced and qualified individuals to ever campaign for president. She has been actively involved in politics and public service her entire life, from being first lady to senator to secretary of state.

While she lacks her husband’s charisma and soft skills on the campaign trail, I would hate to argue policy with her – to call her a public policy wonk is an understatement. Her command of details, facts, and policy solutions was evident in the first debate – and to any sober mind watching, she was clearly prepared and poised on the stage; a President in waiting.

She remains standing despite the vast right-wing conspiracy against her. No matter what “scandals” they invent about her, whether it’s Benghazi, her use of emails as secretary of state, or smears about the philanthropic Clinton Foundation – she perseveres and is stronger than ever. Her resilience, despite many overblown quasi-scandals, is more than apparent. She clearly has the strength and fortitude required by the individual who is seeking the office of the president. She has the integrity and honesty to come clean when mistakes are made (see her email “scandal”). Recently, despite suffering from pneumonia, Hillary still manages to fight through it and continue her campaign against the dangerous villain Donald Trump.

Her outstanding personal characteristics aside, her policies are really something that stand out in stark contrast to the proposals from her crazed opponent. Hillary will continue to make America a warm and inviting place for all immigrants – indeed, excerpts from her speeches recently leaked indicate her support for open borders. This is a stark contrast to her opponent, who has been campaigning on building walls and banning immigration from Muslim countries. Clinton has championed wiping out student debt and has plans to make post-secondary education more affordable; Trump is silent on this issue. Clinton stands in favor of gun regulation, campaign finance reform, action on climate change, and appointing supreme court justices who favor a living tree approach to constitutional interpretation; Trump on the other hand has vowed to appoint justices who are similar in their outlook to the late Justice Scalia.

It is astounding that someone with Hillary Clinton’s resume is still struggling in this election, but it is a testimony to the ugliness and misogyny that still exists in our political climate to this day. Despite whatever personal dislike one might have for her, if you assess the situation with a sober mind the right choice is clear: Hillary Clinton for President.

CON Clinton – Voting for Hillary is a Big, Fat Mistake


Hillary Clinton is easily the worst candidate for President of the United States (POTUS) in modern history. I firmly believe that anyone who would vote for Clinton this November just does not know enough about her. This article is too short to go into detail about even a fraction of the atrocities she has been linked to over the years, so I will try to just bring to light a few of them in hopes that people will finally see this crooked career politician for who she is.

Clinton cannot stick to her guns when it comes to anything. She constantly changes her opinion, which shows either she doesn’t actually hold anything dear, or, she is particularly stupid and lazy when it comes to thinking through major political stances; neither of which is becoming of a POTUS. She has changed her stance (unsurprisingly in the last 15 years) on gay marriage, abortion, Keystone, Wall Street, healthcare, TPP, free tuition, No Child Left Behind, the Cuban Embargo, free trade, and most notably Iraq (which she voted for when she was in the Senate). This is – in a word – deplorable. She obviously will say/do anything to get elected and collect her next big taxpayer funded cheque at the expense of both her principles and cognitive coherence. She then (obviously) sells this power to the highest bidder (if at this point you don’t think the Clinton Foundation is a pay-to-play scheme then you’re as blind as Stevie Wonder).

She also does not deserve the public trust. She lied about a YouTube video starting the riots in Libya, which eventually lead to the deaths of 4 Americans, whose pleas for extra security were ignored in the months leading up to the incident by, you guessed it, Secretary of State (SoS) Hillary Clinton. She banded together with the Democratic National Committee to rig the party elections against Bernie Sanders (funny how she won the majority of the super delegates’ votes and all of the states with electronic vote counters), covered up Bill’s multiple sexual scandals as first lady by dragging the victims through the dirt (while at the same time being “pro-women” and despising our “victim blaming” culture), and started the “birther” conspiracy during her previous campaign  against Barack Obama back in 07-08. She has (demonstrably) lied under oath multiple times, set up a private email server for her SoS work, hid the emails from the public, had her aides smash her old phones with hammers (obviously to destroy evidence), instructed her lawyers to delete 30 000 emails (which they did not have the clearance to see anyways) after being issued a subpoena, and blatantly lied to the public about all of these things repeatedly.

Hillary Clinton may be the most corrupt and despicable candidate ever for POTUS. If people were as skeptical of her and the litany of scandals that Clinton has been involved in over her political career as they are with other politicians, this election would likely have been decided already.

PRO Trump – In Trump We Trust

Spencer Morrison (2L)

Donald Trump is arrogant, loud, impulsive, offensive; he may even be mean (gasp). I will grant you that. Happy now? Great, now we can talk policy.

At its heart, this election is about change: Clinton is the status quo, Trump is dynamite. So, if you think things are fine, then Clinton is your gal; if not, then Trump is your guy. I happen to think that America is dying, and Trump has just enough (hot) air to resuscitate it. So, here are my top three reasons that Donald J Trump will make America great again.

1.  The Donald is a bull in a china shop, which is a good thing. Washington DC is stuffed to the brim with cloying sycophants and nepotistic plutocrats so vile that even Louis XIV would cringe. Right now, America’s politicians are drowning in blood money from every lobbyist, foreign dictator, and cartoonishly corrupt billionaire under the sun; Congress’ very machinery is greased with Saudi oil.

Clinton cannot stop this mess, she is bought and sold for Wall Street’s gold; but Trump can. He is beholden to no one: just look at how the establishment, Democrats and Republicans alike, did their best to lock him out. They fear him because he is not one of them. Only Trump is serious about ending corruption on the Hill.

2.  Illegal migration is undermining America, both socially and economically, and only Trump wants to stop it. Right now the US government estimates that there are 20 million aliens (and their dependents) in the country, although private groups peg it significantly higher, at 40 million. Either way, that is a lot of people. Furthermore, most of them have little education, do not speak English, and usually work under-the-table.

This causes serious problems. For example, America is flooded with migrant workers who undercut the labor market.  This depresses wages and stymies income growth (why pay more when people will work for less?), particularly for those at the bottom of the economic ladder, ie. people without college degrees, visible minorities, and young people. Illegal migration harms the most vulnerable Americans. Just look at the unemployment rates and you will see what I mean.

3.  Finally, Trump is right on trade: America is being pillaged by foreign companies and governments, and the economy is a disgrace. GDP growth per capita has been slowing for decades, income inequality is rising, the manufacturing sector is gutted, and workforce participation is falling while unemployment is rising. On top of that, when you add up the trade deficit, foreign aid, remittances, intellectual property theft, and foreign direct investment outflows, the US lost over $1.5 trillion dollars in 2015 alone. This is simply unsustainable.

America needs to stop the bleeding by restricting asymmetrical trade with economic predators like China, Japan, and Mexico. Trump knows this, and has been saying so for decades.  At the end of the day, he has the business acumen to fix the economy, and the courage to do it.

CON Trump – See #pussygrab

Allana McComb (3L)

Donald Trump is a lot of things, all of which have been highlighted throughout the long and drawn out process that is the American Presidential race. When you think of how a president should act, Trump’s recent actions aren’t the first thing to come to mind.

He is as far as possible from being politically correct and often uses his freedom of speech to start Twitter wars via name calling. He has referred to Mexicans as rapists and murderers and he is endorsing stop and frisk policies, which were already ruled unconstitutional in the United States by their Supreme Court. Trump’s plans to ban Muslims from being able to enter the United States and the “Wall” he is insisting Mexico will pay for further shows his lack of diplomatic abilities. Trump has literally offended all voters except white males. His plans, or at least the ones he has sort of referred to, would further racial tensions during a period where police and racial minorities already have precarious relations. However, that might not be the case since Trump lacks substantive policies, meaning he has no real plans for what he will do if he gets in office.

He has said he will scrap Obamacare, stop immigration and cut taxes but he has never indicated how he will do this or address how cutting corporate taxes to 15% will affect the economy. In Trump’s reality an additional $10 trillion in debt may seem like nothing, but in the real world it will spell disaster for the American economy. But Trump claims to have a plan. He will negotiate away American debt to foreign countries. Everyone knows that is not going to happen, but someone with zero political experience might think they can bully other countries, especially if that is how they have run their corporation for decades.

Trump runs on the platform of being a successful businessman, but my definition of successful doesn’t include filing for bankruptcy protection four times. Trump is able to start over, but if you bankrupt a country the people are the ones who suffer and Trump wouldn’t help them out. This is a man who believes he is smart because he has never paid federal income tax. Cheating the system to avoid paying his fair share demonstrates his questionable morality.

His volatile personality, his lack of political experience, and the fact that he is actually a terrible businessman all demonstrate his lack of fitness to be POTUS. No one thought Trump was being serious when his campaign started. Many prominent Republicans have distanced themselves and spoken out against him. However, it is no longer a joke and the potential for Trump to become responsible for the lives of almost 319 million people is frightening. He will bankrupt their economy like he did his business, he will offend countries and religions which will start wars, and he will place the blame for his actions entirely on anyone but him.