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The World Cup of Hockey

Patrick Coones (2L)

As a Canadian, I can only be overjoyed that we have the privilege of saying that we own hockey. As many of you probably know, Canada won the World Cup of Hockey in a decisive 2 game sweep of Team Europe. For those of you who have no idea what the World Cup of Hockey is, I can hardly blame you. The last time this event took place was 12 years ago. So, you might be thinking to yourself, 12 years is an awful long time, I’m sure the NHL came up with some awesome new ideas. Well, unfortunately some of their ideas stayed the same. However, it’s not all bad.

One notable mistake the NHL made when organizing this tournament is in trophy design. Seriously, who came up with this thing? It’s awful.

It looks like something that would be handed out to every team just for participating in a community league soccer tournament. The only way this trophy makes sense is if you give it to the team who was sent home first. Or maybe the team with the worst goals against over the course of the round robin.

So, with the notable exception of the World’s ugliest trophy, the NHL did manage to do a few things right. First, bringing in Team North America. This was something that was, simply put, fun to watch. Who doesn’t want to see young all stars like Mackinnon, Gaudreau, McDavid and Mathews all on one team? The only down side to Team North America is that we never got to see them go up against Team Canada.

The second thing the NHL did right: referee cams. Except for the few times they cut to it during the actual game…can you say motion sickness? That being said it did offer some of the best camera angles around. Watching from ice level was a unique perspective and I think once they work out all the kinks, it will add a new dimension to the world’s fastest sport.

The last thing—although not really the NHL’s doing—is that it gave Canada another venue on which to excel. It was nice to see Canada thrive on an international stage without having to wait another 2 years for the Winter Olympics. All in all, I think that the World Cup of Hockey was a success and I look forward to seeing it again.

I think I speak for many hockey fans when I say that we will never pass up the opportunity to see some of the world’s greatest hockey players come together. The games were close, rough, and exciting. The quality of hockey was exceptionally high and even Team Europe, coming in as a clear underdog, managed to find their way to the finals.