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Law Show Kick Off Party: Alice in Wonderlaw Invites Us Down the Rabbit Hole

Hailee Barber (3L)

Preparations for this year’s Law Show, the highly anticipated Alice in Wonderlaw, are now properly underway thanks to the inaugural Law Show Kick Off Party held at Dewey’s on September 30. I am happy to report that if the awesome turnout and the creativity and enthusiasm that were evident in the iPhone film fest submissions are any indication of what’s to come, Alice in WonderLaw will without a doubt be something we should all be looking forward to.

The creative minds behind Alice in Wonderlaw brought some original flare to this year’s kick off party by bolstering the usual drunken debauchery with an iPhone Film Festival. Students were asked to submit 60 second videos filmed using only a smart phone. Some technical difficulties were encountered during the screening of films but law show veterans Tyler Mcdonough, Conor Holash and numerous others weathered these hiccups admirably, and were able to show most of the films to the appreciative audience.

Unfortunately due to my short stature, intent focus on the beverages I waited long and hard to purchase, and the teensy weensy fact that I showed up 30 minutes late, I did not get to see all the films at the party…but never fear! I still managed to catch moments of greatness. I would like to draw your attention to what I feel were the most important takeaways:

1. Film noir has been a great influence in the lives of many a law student.

2. John Lee can really fill out a dress and no mask can hide that. #respect

3. Close ups taught us that Zac Houston has beautiful eyelashes. Such jealousy, much wow.

4. There was a lot of milk used in the making of Milky Pickles II…which begs the question of exactly how much, and were any cows harmed in the making of that film? Has Sankoff been informed of the potential infringement on animal rights?

5. The name of the film “Milky Pickles” is incredibly confusing. Due to this confusing name I repeatedly referred to it as “Filthy Pickles” during the party. This likely led to even greater confusion for the people I was speaking with, as “Filthy Pickles” sounds, in my opinion, significantly more pornographic than Milky Pickles. If you’ve seen the film you know “Milky Pickles II” featured a shirtless Andy bathing in a bathtub of milk… so… yeah. Just imagine what “Filthy Pickles” would involve. I want to Google, but my fear holds me back.

Aside from the film festival the rest of the Alice in WonderLaw kick off party largely consisted of your standard law school party standbys: copious amounts of drinking, the ever important topic of hot profs, and the arrival of beloved and ever enthusiastic 4L Cody Ackland. All of this was familiar, and comforting.

Yet, despite this wonderful reunion of all things Law Show and lovely, as the night progressed and my sobriety diminished I did sense in my nostalgic 3L way that something was missing from the Law Show kick off party. That secret ingredient my friends, was dancing.

Now you may or may not know much about me, but know this: I may love the law, but I LOVE to dance. Looking back on my own 1L experience I may have tried to suppress this love early on in my first year. However it could not be contained at the kick off party for Harry Lawter. On that fateful night I, along with a fellow 3L currently on exchange (let’s call him Nax Putz), wowed the upper years with a beautiful, and dare I say graceful dance move known as the worm.

Having experienced that wondrous night and basked in the glory my dance moves brought me as a wee 1L I fully expected this year’s fresh faced young things to follow in my footsteps and do everything in their power to wow me with the latest and greatest moves. Perhaps I would witness a little Hotline Bling, or some Twerking a la Miley. Heck, I would’ve settled for some Electric Slide or even a little Lawnmower action. Sadly my hopes were dashed, and I am left wanting. I have discussed this with Nax Putz and he too shares in my disappointment. And so, difficult as it may be, we will sit on this sadness, and hold out hope that the magic that is sure to be Alice in WonderLaw will ignite the dancing fools in each and every one of you in the months to come.

And if I’m wrong, I’ll always have Man Dance.