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Hallowe’en Costume Ideas

Megan Schaub (3L)

HalLAWeen is approaching. If you’re still searching for the perfect law-themed costume, look no further. Here are a few suggestions, both amusing and frightening, ranked from those that require little-to-no effort to those that are a little bit more labor-intensive:

  • Judge Judy: black robes + lace collar + wig + gavel

  • Lionel Hutz: pale blue suit + white shirt + red tie + wig + smarmy voice + “I Can’t Believe It’s a Law Firm!” business cards + memorized quotes from The Simpsons

  • The Ghost of Property Law Exams Past: standard white sheet with eye holes cut out + an abundance of Blackacre memes printed out and pinned to the sheet

  • Mrs. Donoghue: floral dress + bottle of gingerbeer + plastic snail + green face paint + pained facial expression + hand pressed to stomach (bonus points if you have a friend dress up as a snail and chase you around all night)

  • Assault and Battery: aluminum bowl worn as a hat + white t-shirt with a large black “S” on it + a pair of black bat wings + batman mask

  • A McGill Guide: large box (painted red with white lettering) to fit over torso + white pipecleaners bent into rings around one edge + willingness to lecture others on the placement of periods in a citation

  • The Carbolic Smoke Ball: large Papier-Mache circle (painted black with white lettering) to fit over torso + black leggings and t-shirt + newspaper advertisement pined to your back